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Should You Get French Doors With Mini Blinds Built Inside Of The Glass?

Should You Get French Doors With Mini Blinds Built Inside Of The Glass?

Are French Doors with Mini Blinds Built-in Right for You?

In recent times, the unique concept of enclosed blinds has penetrated the window fashion industry. There are many homeowners who actually appreciate this innovative idea and look forward to implementing it. No matter whether you have sliding glass doors or French doors, built-in blinds will work efficiently for your decor. The seamless design and its operational ease have made them distinctly popular. The best part is the blind wouldn’t bang around when you open the door and won’t create a clumsy or bulky look. It will ensure clean and clutter-free aesthetics all the time. When you want your home to look stylish and integrate the latest window technology, go for the built-in blinds for your French doors. We often get a question: Is it a great idea to have French doors with mini blinds built-in inside? The answer is yes. There are many advantages and definitely, this uniqueness will increase the value of your space. But why choose mini blinds, as there are many high-quality window designs that you can opt for? Well, if you are a person who always prefers getting more while investing less, then mini blinds are the answer. These extremely affordable window solutions do more than you can imagine. The mechanisms, sleek aesthetics, and practical values make them a popular one and you can never go wrong while integrating them into your French doors.

Although doors with built-in mini-blinds have been around for decades, they have gained popularity in the past few years. With style, flexibility, and the incredible ability to offer functionality, mini blinds between the glass are a smart choice for French doors. Take a few minutes to explore the benefits and possible drawbacks of having French doors with built-in blinds so that you can make a better decision!
French Doors Mini Blinds

Advantages of French Doors with Integrated Mini Blinds

  • No Need For Cleaning

Cleaning blinds is a painful and daunting task for most homeowners. But with these built-in mini blinds, you don’t have to think about cleaning them on a regular basis. When the blind is in between the glass panes, it doesn’t get dirty. The sealed glass keeps the blinds to stay clean, free of debris and reduces the need of dusting them. In this way, your home stays healthier and dust-free for a long time.

  • Get Rid of Allergens:

There is no secret that dust can lead you to various health problems like asthma, allergies, and many more. If you have issues with allergens, this integral blind is a great idea. Standard window blinds accumulate lots of airborne allergens but built-in blinds do not allow them to accumulate between their slats.

  • Perfect Balance of Light and Privacy

Mini blinds allow you to control the incoming light while maintaining the privacy level of your home. Keep the covering closed to enjoy the ultimate darkness. You can tilt the slats to adjust the amount of light and view you want of the outside.

  • Blind Don’t Bang Around:

This type of blind offers an aesthetically pleasing sober look to your decor in various ways. Customizing the coverings from a range of colors, textures, and design choices helps them look phenomenal and elegant. Besides this, when you open or close the blinds, it will stay neatly inside instead of flapping against the door and making noise.

  • Ensure Safety:

We all know that blinds with pull cords can be dangerous for homes with pets and little ones. And when it comes to safety, the integral blinds are extremely safe to use as they do not contain any window cord. There is a small operator that raises up and lowers down your blind and keeps to your desired location.

There are many benefits of having enclosed blinds but they have some drawbacks too. Like –

  • They are not as energy efficient as a normal glass door.
  • The blinds can get dirty and become hard to clean. You may find many tiny holes on the French door glass that let dust enter the space between the glasses.
  • If the blind breaks or there occurs any functional issue, then it becomes difficult and challenging to fix.
  • Built-in blinds might be more expensive compared to other standard window blinds.

Keeping all these disadvantages aside, if you are looking for privacy, aesthetics, safety, and low maintenance window covering solution, then built-in glass mini blinds are a brilliant choice for any home. But always make sure to mount them correctly for maximum effectiveness. Before you consider this type of blinds for your French doors, consult with the experts once and then go ahead.

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