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Should Your Curtains Match The Wall Color? A Brief Look at Color Theory

Should Your Curtains Match The Wall Color? A Brief Look at Color Theory

Home decor is your topmost priority when you are setting up your new home and the color scheme should be right on point. How you choose to decorate your personal space speaks a lot about your style and taste for the finer aspects of life. Your guests will perceive your home as an extension of your personality and to ensure that your interior space is beautifully decorated, you need to conduct thorough research and invest in good quality items. For example, the living room is the first area the visitors are going to notice when they step foot inside your house and so, investing in warm and inviting wall colors seems like a wise decision. Most homeowners tend to go for neutral, minimalist colors when they are buying essential, long-term home decor items like window blinds. So, investing in neutral-colored walls seems like a great decor idea as it ushers in a positive aura in your cozy, living space with its understated yet formal tone. In fact, the color grey or white is now replacing beige as the go-to choice for many customers because of its versatility. The best part of settling for something basic like the color white is that you will be left spoiled for choice as you browse through the color spectrum for other parts of your decor. Being a total trend-setter, simple colors like white can transform a drab surrounding into something magical with its immaculate look.

On the other hand, one cannot overlook the significance of selecting the right type of window curtains that will complement the furniture inside the room. The neutral hue is one of the popular choices in wall colors as the beautiful, muted tone exudes a feeling of warmth that is wonderfully blended with modernity. Did you know that white stands for peace in color psychology? Yes, it is a known fact that the simple color tones are highly effective at restoring balance in your interior space while offering a soothing, modish touch with minimum effort. The elegant color invokes a sense of tranquility as the simple, neutral hue can mix and match with any color palette and goes well with everything inside the room. Sounds good, right? The muted aesthetic appeal of white walls will make you feel refreshed after a long, tiring day at work and just need to relax in the comfort of your peaceful haven. As a homeowner with a contemporary taste, choosing basic hues like white or grey will ensure that the color scheme is not overpowering yet can be layered with bright-colored patterns to accentuate the overall decor.
Blue Curtains for White Walls

Should Your Curtains Match The Wall Color?

Choosing curtains of color similar to the wall color may not look best. Imagine a red-colored wall and a red color curtain. Neither will be able to do much for the other. The curtains will not show off well and will fail to enhance the royal red color of the walls. What works better is a beautiful contrast.

It is a universal fact that curtains are an essential part of home decor and their versatile, flexible nature can be wonderfully teamed up with a neutral color palette. If you have colored your walls with a light hue, then you can explore and experiment with a myriad of colors that will accentuate the polished look of the interior space. While some might argue that the color red will look garish and ruin the distinctive tone that you were perhaps aiming for, the majority agrees that it is a beautifully romantic color that will brightly contrast with the muted walls. If we follow the same line of thought, a pop of bright yellow might complement the light color even more. The vibrant color scheme in window curtains will instantly perk up the high-spirited vibe of the living space as it wonderfully clashes with the soothing tone of the light-colored walls.

You can even contrast with the same colors of different hues. For example, if you have a royal blue painted wall, you can use a curtain of a lighter shade of blue like sky blue. They can look stunning.

Some interior experts are of the opinion that bold colors can enliven the interior area in a matter of seconds when it has to eventually be in sync with walls painted in vivid colors. So, you can be fearless in your choice and opt for pink or blue hues. The radiant hues will balance out the cool tones of the walls and give rise to a calm ambiance that will make you wish to relax after a hectic day!

Contrary to popular belief, pairing a neutral color with another neutral color can also look fantastic and effortlessly achieve the no-fuss, immaculate look if the colors are strategically layered in the correct manner. The color of the curtains plays an integral role in conceptualizing the overall theme of your decor and so, you have a plethora of options in hand. The perfect combination of bright-colored walls with stylish curtains is unmistakably on every homeowner’s wish list.

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