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Should Your Curtains Match Your Walls? A Look At Color Theory In Home Decor

Should Your Curtains Match Your Walls? A Look At Color Theory In Home Decor

We are often confused whether the colour of the curtains should match the walls, or should match the couch and other furniture in the living room? Since home décor is not an exact science, we should keep a few things in mind while buying curtains for different rooms in our home.

Ddon’t think too much about the need to match curtains to your wall and sofa. Sometimes, using different colours can add style and uniqueness to your room. It is always good to use a colour palette of two or three contrasting colours, or colours which complement each other.

You can have both the looks depending on the colours you have chosen. Your curtains can either match the wall, or the couch. However, we suggest not to use too many contrast colours in one room as it may look messy.

Curtain Colour should be the Same Colour Family as the Wall Colour

If your wall colour is a light pastel like pink, sky blue, or white, we would recommend you to buy curtains with two-tone colours. For example, to go with pink walls, you can use two-tone curtains which contains pink and maroon colours. In that case, go for maroon suede sofas, or if you are customizing your furniture, you might even buy a sofa which has hues of both pink and maroon.

If you have sky blue walls, then go for curtains which have navy blue, royal blue or grey shades. You may choose navy blue couches, or grey couches which are easily available in any online or offline furniture store.

Monochromatic is Dramatic

You may think of choosing the curtain colours the same as that of the wall. This will give a very soothing feeling to your home as the colours will not hurt the eyes onlookers and residents of the house. Everyone will love to spend more time in the living room for the soothing feeling it provides.

If your home has off-white walls, go for off-white sheer curtains which will give an elegant look to your living room. Even little small polka dots or subtle prints will look very good and will give a fresh look to the room.

Use of Complementary Colours

Complementary colours complement each other on the colour palette. Often solid-coloured curtains do not look great with solid-coloured walls. Instead, choose a fabric pattern that that does not look awkward with your wall-colour. The patterns on the curtain should match the entire home décor. If you have navy or royal blue walls, then use of a complementary colour orange will accentuate the beauty of the entire room. For the curtains, you can use an orange-and-white striped pattern, or a floral pattern using orange and off-white shades.

You may choose sofas and other furniture items of either colour, or add a third colour which contrasts well with the first two colours. Like a combination of pink, maroon and white for wall colour, curtain colour and furniture colour will give an awesome look to the bedroom.

Tone Down with Neutral Colours

If you have used a strong solid colour on your walls, then you can dilute the look by selecting curtains in neutral or pastel colours. White curtains match with almost all kind of wall colours. For example, of you have chosen bold purple, or shocking pink or fluorescent orange colours for your walls, then choosing white or off-white sheer curtains which will give a very soothing look. You may choose couches of the same colour as that of the curtains for a sober look, or match them with the walls for a bolder look.

Matching Curtains with Coloured walls

Choose a colour for your curtains which is similar to the walls. Matching the colour of the walls and curtains reduces the risk of spoiling the overall look of your living room or bedroom. Should curtains match walls, is a cliché which has been created by some of the interior designers in the last few decades, and at the end, it depends on your choice and imagination.

However, once you repaint your walls, you might have to replace your curtains too. Hence it is always a safe idea to stick to the neutral colours. These shades are ever-green and hence beige, off-white and grey curtains are always in-demand. They do not cost much compared to other exotic colours.

If your walls are done in shades of reds or oranges, then choosing a warm shade will be a good idea. Curtains in cool colours like blues and greens normally gel well with walls of similar hues. Colours which are close to each other in the colour pallet are known as monochromatic.

If you are looking for something less flashy for your warm-coloured walls, then you can go for ivory, off-white or champagne-coloured curtains. Pale pink, baby pink or dove grey will look amazing along with walls painted in a cool colour. You can use either solids or lightly printed fabrics for a basic and neutral look. You can decorate the curtains with a contrasting stripe of fabric which will be added near the hemline of the curtain. This bank of fabric should match the wall colour. Appliqued ribbon at the bottom of the curtain looks very appealing and unique.

Matching curtains with white walls

It is very common to see houses with white walls as it gives a bigger look to the rooms. White walls allow you to decorate in a lot of ways.You may think of adorning your windows with sheers and light neutral shades. You can have white-coloured sheer curtains matching the wall colours and can have a dark navy or mahogany coloured couch to give a great contrasting look to the living room.

Dark curtains create contrast and look very prominent in neutral-coloured rooms. Many home-owners prefer to go with the classic black and white colours as they tend to never go out of fashion. You may choose white coloured sofa to go with the complete look.

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