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Choose Perfect Shower Window Blinds For Your Bathroom

Shower Window Blinds

Shower Window Blinds For Your Bathroom

Bathroom or Shower Window Blinds are more than just a dressing for a window frame – they help your bathroom by beautifying the space and providing privacy. Taking your morning shower in natural light sounds great. But for many homeowners, having a window in the shower is more trouble than it’s worth. Many windows have a wooden frame, which is prone to water damage and rot over time.

It’s very difficult to find out the proper window shade that is completely waterproof and provide the privacy needed for bathrooms. While bathrooms require the most privacy of any room in your home, they are also much-used zones for family members and guests. Many homeowners want to make their bathrooms as attractive as their other rooms, and at the same time have something that is humidity resistant and easily maintainable.

As long as you choose a waterproof material, you can go with many common window treatments for your bathroom or shower window.

How To Protect Your Windows In The Shower

ZebraBlinds offers the best waterproof shower window blinds that will provide all the benefits you need for your bathroom.

Waterproof Window Treatments – 

Custom Faux Wood Blinds for Bathroom

Faux Wood BlindsIf you really love the beauty of wooden blinds, try Custom Faux Wood Blinds that have the look of real wood with the additional advantage of being moisture resistant. Faux wood blinds combine the natural beauty of a wood grain with the practicality of a man-made material. They are hard wearing, water resistant, and perfect for shower windows. You can choose between 1 ½ inch Crown cordless faux wood blinds or 2 inch Graber SS faux wood blinds.


Aluminum Venetian Blinds For Shower Window

Aluminum Venetian Blinds (also known as Mini blinds) are strong, robust, and stylish. Waterproof Venetian blinds are made of aluminum slats that are extremely durable. You can use these blinds in your bathroom as the aluminum slats are also waterproof and are easy to wipe clean. Each blind also has a tilt wand mechanism to provide you complete light control. The wand controls the tilting mechanism of the slats, where the cords help you to raise or lower the blinds as per your desired level. These blinds are fire retardant, easy to clean, and stain resistant.


Vinyl Window Blinds For Bathroom

Vinyl Blinds are generally maintenance-free and resist moisture very well. Similar to Aluminum Blinds, Vinyl Window Coverings are available in 1 inch and 2 inch slats, allowing you to have light for your room when they are open, or privacy and light blockage when closed. These blinds are available in variety of colors and even textures.




Roller Shades For Shower Windows

Roller Shades are also made to withstand wet conditions. Zebra Roller Shade fabrics diffuse light passing through it so the images of outside or inside will not be clearly visible. The shades diffuse the light and provide privacy. Deep fabric colors darken a room, and light colors let in a little more sunlight. LightWeaves Graber Blackout Shades is the ideal choice for your bathroom. The heavier fabric of blackout roller shades means they stand up well in the bathrooms.



Don’t believe it? If none of these solutions work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will help you to figure out the best way to deal with your shower windows within your budget. We offer various styles and options to satisfy your preferred amount of natural light and privacy, as well as moisture repellant, cleanable surfaces for your bathroom window blinds. So stop waiting and order your bathroom window treatment to improve the look and comfort of your bathroom.

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