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Shutters with Contemporary styles and sophistication of technology.


There’s a style to every window, and those who’ve been wishing to ameliorate your homes with uniqueness, here’s something for you! Presenting to you an immensely aesthetic and vivid range of the loveliest shutters that are not only those simple protective panels (usually wooden) placed over windows to block the light, but are better designed to be low maintenance, eco-friendly and fit for sustained use! Zebrablinds promises to bring the most extraordinary shutters with irresistible features at prices that won’t make you think twice.

The shutters though traditional, are truly the epitome of sophistication and contemporary styling. Window Shutters provide some of the best window coverings for your majestic wide window frames, offering effective style, insulation, light and privacy control. The American Hardwood used in making these slats, give it a sheer natural touch and texture along with the ultimate durability. The louvers can be opened to enjoy your perfect sunny mornings, closed while you’re at work or kept tilted at a suitable angle to rejuvenate your room during breezy evenings. The asymmetry of the grain patterns makes them natural looking, bringing out the explicit craftsmanship.

Wood Window Shutters.



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GRABER brings to you its composite shutters which are refined, yet durable. These well-crafted classic shutters are the best solutions for rooms requiring sustainable solutions. They resist warping, cracking, peeling and fading. Each piece endures a three-step processing to meet standards of quality, making them robust enough to fit into your re-designed bathrooms, laundry rooms or any other high humidity areas of your home. The TRADITIONS WOOD SHUTTERS are finished to provide the much-wanted elegance to your home in an eco-friendly way. How is it eco-friendly? Well, the farming of these hardwood trees ensures a sustained yield- meaning an economically higher growth level is maintained as compared to the harvest level. So you need not worry about trees going extinct or having to nurse the guilt of having trees chopped-off to beautify your interiors. The sawdust, wood shavings, and waste woods are also recycled! Immense privacy and efficient insulation that cut down your electricity bills are the highlights. The By-pass styled shutters are tailored to fit patio doors; Bi-fold ones are perfect alter-egos to massive sliding doors or vast windows; the Café-styles are well suited to get the best of both worlds, so that one-half opens like a regular window and the other half is shuttered.

The COMFORTEX WOODWINDS PLANTATION SHUTTERS bring warmth with the natural look of real wood through its innovative technology, providing natural splendor and lifetime beauty. The “no mouse hole” design tightly closes the louvers with no space for the sun to creep in. The multi-configuration features and varied panel options make these shutters ideal for any lighting or privacy needs. The reliable technology that combines wood with thermal polymers guarantees to last over a lifetime, giving you the best value for the price paid. It’s easy to clean, anti-static, rust-free and anti-dust features are real winners. Most importantly, this product by Comfortex has been presented a Green Guard Certificate for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for low emitting products.

PVC vinyl window shutters.


CROWN offers you the most stylish vinyl shutters, which are perfect for the budget-constrained – good quality virgin PVC vinyl window shutters which are available in 8 different shades of white brings the classic creamy touch to your homes. The louvers come in bi-folded, fixed or hinged configurations. These Shutters are one among the popular shutters. These vinyl shutters definitely enhance the way your window looks and breaks the monotony of colors too! With standard material, the best designs and variant white colors, they bring the needed wave of change.

The Innovation in Motorization of window shutters.


NORMAN, the exclusively elite brand believes shutters to be the right kind of investment for the ultimate style and unsurpassed elegance and offers long term value. The scrupulous management and supervision undertaken results in the creation of durable, beautiful and exquisite shutters. Norman brings to you its customized shutters like the wood composite, advanced polymer, prestigious solid wood, and eco-friendly shutters. The real wood shutters are conditioned with techniques that reduce post-installation shrinking or swelling. The perfect ‘Tilt RF’ is motorized window shutters (the gold standard for motorization) are a breakthrough in innovation that allows the motorization of its louvers. Just a press of a butto

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n and your shutters obediently follow your command. The E-TIMER further relaxes your habitual forgetfulness to shut the louvers when you’re out as you can easily time the opening and shutting of the shutters at preset intervals; multiple shutters across different rooms can be operated at the same time, serving to increase the security of your home as well. The rechargeable battery function of its remote function won accolades at the 2013 WCMA Awards for the Best Technical Innovation in Motorization of window shutters, and the solar option was the winner of the best technological innova

tion in green products energy efficiency. The revolutionary “invisible tilt” system requiring no tilt rod in the middle is indeed laudable!

The best part is, all our brands sincerely fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility, to a great extent, for forest conservation and its sustainable growth.

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