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Make Your Basement Windows Look Bigger With Shutters

Shutters for Small Basement Windows

Shutters for Small Basement Windows- Best Option to Redesign Your Home


The basement is one of the places that gets affected by humidity the most, making it a breeding ground for molds and mildew, leading to many health problems. Ventilation in a basement is a must to avoid such problems. People install basement windows to deal with humidity. But, uncovered basement windows can be a problem when they allow an excessive amount of sunlight to enter your home and hamper privacy. Its a myth that finding window coverings for basement windows is hard. ZebraBlinds offer a latest and affordable collection of shutters for basement windows.

The size of basement windows are generally small, so covering them properly becomes even trickier. But under the guidance of our experts, it is super-easy to install, operate, clean and maintain your basement windows.


Shutters for small basement windows are becoming a very popular add-on not only to block the UV rays but to change the look of the windows too. If you want to know how to make basement windows look bigger, then shutters is the answer. These small basement windows can be a part of larger design if you cover them in a smart and elegant way.

Shutters are one of the most preferred window treatments that have grasped the imagination and they are the choice of many homemakers and interior designers. Covering windows is a trend from time immemorial, but covering them smartly is a modern approach. Trends are evolving with time, and so are home décor ideas. Shutters for basement windows have successfully survived the influx of unique trendsetters changing the fashion of home décor, making them timeless. One of the most significant changes that shutters offer to your basement windows is they make these small unnoticed windows look bigger. They perfectly fit in the windows and sit comfortably on the frame. To know more about shutters, let’s go through the following list covering the major benefits of these cost-effective window coverings:


Top 6 Benefits of Shutters For Small Basement Windows


#1. Protection from weather

Crafted from wood, wood composite, vinyl, or thermalite material, shutters for small basement windows help to regulate the interior temperature of your home. They function according to the weather. In winter, they will help to keep your home warmer by blocking cold drafts entering inside. In summers, they will block the hot scorching sun rays and harsh glare from penetrating the room. So, no need to spend a fortune on air conditioning any longer when there are cheap blinds and shutters available to serve the purpose in an effective manner.

Blinds and Shutters for Basement Windows


#2. Increase your privacy

If your basement is visible from the outside then it’s neither safe nor comfortable. You and your family should live in only the most utmost comfort in your own home. If your blinds are broken or your windows are uncovered, opt for these reliable and beautifully designed shutters for basement windows. They offer a great deal of privacy and you can adjust the level of privacy by adjusting the tilt of the shutters to your liking.


#3. Customization available as per your choice

The size and shape of your window don’t matter as we offer customization options along with durable shutters for basement windows. You can get them tailor-made as per your needs and choices. They are available in numerous colors, textures, sizes, shapes, materials, and functionality. The superior custom shutters are customized to fit your basement windows perfectly, accenting your home and adding that special touch you are seeking for.


#4. A neater and larger appearance

With a patented finish and neat look, our shutters for small basement windows won’t fade over time. They are the ideal replacement for old-dated curtains and drapes. These shutters will add value to your windows and also will never go out of style. Their appearance will always keep up with the trends and raise the overall aesthetic attractiveness of the home. There are various other temporary options available in the market but these shutters with their look and dependable nature ensure that you will not need to replace them. Not only for indoors, they are a perfect option for outdoors too. Featuring versatility, customization, and durability, they can be installed in home and offices both.


Window Plantation Shutters for Basement


#5. Allergy control

Drapes are heavy and curtains are delicate. But, shutters are lightweight and easier to clean. Window coverings are a magnet for the dust into your home which leads to allergies and skin problems. Keeping them clean is a must to avoid germs and certain harmful bacterias. 

To clean shutters, you just need a few minutes and some tools. Regular vacuuming and dusting are enough to keep them clean. For deep cleaning, take a cloth dipped in the detergent solution. Swipe each slat of shutters carefully. Your shutters for small basement windows will feel brand new again.

Easy Cleaning Window Shutters


#6. No strings attached

Cords can be dangerous for kids and pets. Shutters are cordless and require no pulling and tugging to adjust the amount of light entering your home. Accessing window coverings with cords puts a burden on your day-to-day busy life. Strings can also get tangled and become unsightly. They can also break if used improperly. Shutters for small basement windows are simple, durable and elegant. Opting for shutters is the best and most preferred solution to cover your basement windows.

Cordless Window Shutters


Sturdy in build and ideal for easy installation, our made to measure window shutters are the best choice when it comes to getting insulation from extreme weather conditions. Our cheap blinds and shutters are convenient for all spaces at home but are best preferred if you are looking for an option that can make your small basement windows look larger.


ZebraBlinds offer shutters that are the epitome of innovation crafted from premium quality wood. These last for years and are available in various colors to match with your home interiors. So, get these affordable shutters and also enjoy exciting offers. We also provide free delivery and shipping to anywhere in Canada to make your shopping super-easy.


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