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Super-Simple Steps on How To Install Mini Blinds

Install Mini Blinds

Install Mini Blinds Without Any Hassle By Following These Simple Instructions

Mini blinds are a modern replacement for curtains and draperies. They are very effective in blocking harsh sunlight and glare to make the ambiance of your home cozy and comfortable. They are not only known for functionality but also for their impact on the overall look of the home. They transform the feel of the home instantly and depending on what other interior decors you have, can instantly make it look modern. Available in many choices of color tones, textures, designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, these budget blinds are great and quite popular in cities such as Edmonton, since they can merge with the theme of your home interiors very easily.


Mini blinds come with a lot of benefits like effective blockage of harmful UV radiations, energy-efficiency, easy maintenance,  and many more. One of the many benefits of mini blinds is an easy installation.


6 Easy Steps to Install Mini Blinds

Installing mini blinds is not rocket science. Homeowners can request help from handymen but it’s not really needed; they can install themselves by just following some easy steps. It may sound difficult and tricky but it is quite easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:


1. Measure your windows with precision:

Before buying mini blinds, you should first measure your windows in order to get them in the correct size. Measurements are different for inside mount and outside mount so you need to decide first where you want to mount them. If you want to make your windows look larger then you can install mini blinds outside and if you wish for a slimmer look then inside mounting is recommended (please make sure you have enough depth as well). After deciding the mount, use a steel measuring tape for determining the size of the windows.

a) For inside mount: Take the measuring tape and place it inside the frame at the very left or right edge. Take measurements of the width of the window at the middle, top, and bottom. If the measurements are different than go ahead with the smallest number. Do the same for height, but take the largest measurement.

b) For outside mount: Take the measuring tape and put it along the outside frame or edges of the casing surrounding the window. Now, take measurements of the exact width from the top of the casing to the bottom as well as left to right. If your window has a sill than measure till the sill for height. If you plan to install the blind above the window frame, please add to the height to account for space.


According to the measurements you have taken, order your blinds. You should always take into consideration the quality of the material used in making the mini blinds. They are available in any kind of materials like vinyl blinds, composite blinds, natural blinds, wood blinds, etc. It depends on your need, choice and budget that what kind of mini blinds suits your home the best.

 Measuring Windows for Mini Blinds


2. Check the contents and mark your mounting locations: 

One thing that you should always keep in mind is checking if all required parts have arrived. There will usually be a packing list in each box which outlines everything that should be in there. Also, take a look on the instruction booklet that comes along. It contains useful information that can help you in installing and maintaining the blinds. Take a pencil now and mark along the frame where you plan to install the brackets. These marks will help you to place the brackets in perfect positions.


a) For an inside mount: Take the headrail and place it inside the frame of the window or inside the casing. It should be in a perfect level even if your window is not. Take a pencil and mark below the headrail on each end.


b) For an outside mount: To make sure that headrail is centered and leveled with the casing of your window, hold the blind up. Now, take a pencil and mark right below the headrail on each side of the frame. Also, mark ¼ of an inch past the end of each headrail.


3. Drilling time: 

There are two screws that come along with each bracket. You need to drill the holes for these screws. Now you need to replace the bracket and drill those screws into place.

 Installing Mini Blinds


4. Snap the valance clips in place: 

Valance clips attach the valance to the headrail. The valance is what covers the head rail and makes it look a bit more decorative. The valance clips should be snapped over the front lip of the headrail before the headrail is inserted into the bracket.


5. Placing the headrail into the brackets:

 After drilling the brackets into place, you need to make sure that bracket doors are wide open. After that, insert the headrail into the brackets. Snap the bracket doors closed after placing the headrail. You will hear a snapping sound clearly.


6. Attaching the valance: 

Now decide the position you would like to place the valance along the headrail. Rest the valance on the top of the valance clips. After positioning the valance, press gently down so that the valance clips snap into the valance. This will hold it in place.

Attaching the Valance on Headrail

By following these simple steps and instructions available on our website, you will be able to install mini blinds easily. We also have video tutorials on how to install mini blinds. You can go through them as they are very helpful and super-easy to understand. Zebra blinds installation and is easy and quick. Apart from easy installation, Zebrablinds offer discount window blinds and shades like Graber roman shades, wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, etc. Get budget-friendly blinds in Edmonton and anywhere in Canada right away and install them yourself. Your home will look great after their installation.

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