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Simplifying Your Home Decor by Making Your Windows A Focal Point

Simplifying Your Home Decor by Making Your Windows A Focal Point

You have to have a focal point in your room. It’s all part of creating that all-important first impression. Usually, a sofa, rug, or a center-table becomes the focal point of the room. But co-ordinating a match and carving out the perfect look around your chosen focal point might require too much artistic deliberation. Throw in a bit of convenience and comfort factor, and you will be spending countless hours to achieve that ideal balance between style, comfort, and convenience.Why not simplify the process by concentrating on something that is already there in the structure? Windows are not usually the most obvious choice for a focal point. However, if you have a view to kill for, period features, or a wide window dominating the wall, you can easily make your window the focal point of your room.Windows naturally draw our eyes to it. The view outside, combined with the light flowing through them, makes it very easy to draw our attention to it. Making the window a focal point is a great way of utilizing the natural light that flows through it. By planning your design around it, you will also be able to incorporate the comfort factor seamlessly within your design. There are numerous ways in which the window can be turned into a focal point. Let’s explore a few of them.

Prep it Up a Bit

Paint or a bit of attractive molding around the window will add instant glamour and shine to your window. Even a thorough cleaning would give your window a new look. A newly painted window is one of the easiest ways of altering the look of your room.

Decorate the Sill

Windows form the perfect backdrop against which you can showcase your art collection. The abundance of natural light, coupled with a long surface at eye level, gives you plenty of opportunities to accessorize without blocking anything. Window sills are also extremely easy to maintain. Potted plants, books, candles, and artifacts are the most common accessory you can use to highlight your artistic taste.

Place Furniture Smartly

Some windows are too grand to cover them up with curtains or other artifacts. For such windows, make clever use of your furniture to accentuate the windows. Place your sofa, or a bookcase, between two windows, or beside a window, to frame the window beautifully.

Cover them up in Style

Sometimes covering up windows in style can make all the difference. Modern window treatment solutions boast of some of the most innovative solutions that can be tailored to fit all types of budget and design preferences. Here we bring you some cool window treatment ideas that would help you place your window right at the center of your home décor scheme.

Plantation Shutters

If you have beautiful, tall windows, plantation shutter is perfect for highlighting your windows. The traditional yet sturdy look, will add a sophisticated vintage look to your room, that will require very few embellishments to make it look grand. The traditional look would also be great for a period feature like Palladian windows.

Plantation shutters are extremely useful. The first benefit you will notice is the superior insulation. The close fit to the frames is ideal for keeping the warmth or chill in, which saves you a lot on your energy bills in the long run. The sturdy material blocks both light and sound, while the slats can be opened to let in as much light as you want. The thick slats are also great for privacy. So, if you have a room overlooking a busy road, plantation shutters are the best solution.
Wooden Plantation Shutters


There is nothing like curtains to showcase a window. The beautiful flowy lines of a curtain add a feminine touch to a room, which delicately balances the solid contours of otherwise minimalistic décor. Curtains can be customized to fit any window size, with minimum expenditure on your part. The fabric can also be adjusted to include a wide range of light-filtering functionalities, from blackout to sheer effect.

Roller Blinds

If you are looking for a quick installation, with multi-faceted functionalities, roller blinds are a great choice. Available in a variety of material choices, and design options, roller blinds can be a beautiful addition to any room. With their simple operation and practical design, roller blinds greatly enhance the overall comfort of the room with minimum fuss. The single fabric design provides total cover, maintaining the insulation and privacy of the room. The blind can be opened and fixed at any height, to direct the flow of the light into the room. For complete darkness, you can select a room-darkening fabric.

To make the windows the focal point, go for a vibrant print that instantly captures the attention. This way, even with a minimalistic décor, you will be able to create a visual impact with your roller blinds.
Blackout Roller Blinds Layered with Curtains

Cellular Shades

Another design that might interest you is cellular shades. Cellular shades come with a pattern that adds a stylish charm to your windows, while the straight lines accentuate the architectural lines of the windows. If you have a grand window, like circular or triangular, it will be a shame to hide the architectural delight. However, at times, you will want some covering to shield the interiors from the sun and other elements. Cellular shade is a great option for such grand windows.

If you wish to highlight the natural beauty of your windows or cover windows with an odd shape, go for cellular shades. These shades would not detract from the beauty of your window, but still provide great insulation and light-control benefits. You can add room-darkening features, as well as light-filtering features. You will be able to choose from a wide swathe of fashionably chosen colors and designs, to fit in with your unique décor choice.

Use your window covering to accentuate your windows and simplify your décor by making them the focal point of the room.

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