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Room partition with innovative Sliding Panel Shades.

Me time! So difficult in the rat race that life has become. From the moment one wakes up till that time late at night, one is constantly on one’s feet….running running, running running! Being a single mother to tweens is no mean feat! Racing to get breakfast on the table, see that the kids are ready for school, keep them off each other’s hair, and get them onto the school bus. Phew! The day has only just begun! Run back inside, clear up the breakfast things, make the beds, run the laundry, rush into the shower and drive off to work, all the time hoping the kids are safe till I see them in the evening!

Well, that’s life! Luckily for me in down town Tornoto, I have wonderful neighbors who have kids too, and see to my kids till I get home. I’m hopelessly and shamelessly in their debt! “How is it a big deal that I give your kids milk and cookies to keep them going till you get home? Remember, they keep mine out of my hair for a while, too!”, says my buddy Juanita. Lucky her! I wasn’t so adept at keeping anyone out of mine. I was yet to find some little corner I could disappear to, sort of become invisible for a little while. Not any deep psychological malaise, but just a disappearance that would help me ground myself without constantly having to deal with demands! “When the superficial wearies me, it wearies me so much that I need an abyss in order to rest.” said the Argentinean poet, Antonio Porchia. How right he was!

While at the dentist’s, I happened across a home and interiors section of Toronto Star that discussed how to convert nooks in a house into those secluded places designed to be exclusively ‘yours’! This was indeed interesting – little places that could give a modicum of privacy, away from the hollering and rough housing! Mind you, the intention was not to be reclusive!

A library cum music alcove.



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This is an interesting idea that calls for an extension of a wardrobe or to create an alcove if you have six by 4 foot space by your bathroom door. A beautiful window would add to the appeal, especially if it overlooks the yard or the rooftops, depending on where you stay. The best thing would be to have Shoji-like screens installed, so they can be dismantled anytime you want. Build an off-center or staggered bookshelf for your favorite books, knick-knacks, and photographs. Get a nice comfy sofa or armchair with a foot stool, and shield the side facing the room entrance with a collapsible screen. Wait, I came across something called Sliding Panel Shades that can be installed so easily – just drill into the ceiling to screw the tracks on depending on the no. of panels you plan to use. For a 6 foot space, one could use three 2⅛-foot panels

A private work enclave.


Panel one side off to create an enclosure in any room that could be used additionally and use sheer horizontal shades on the window that you can look out of every now and then. This could be in a bedroom, some pace in a landing, a dining area or living area – wherever one can unobtrusively enjoy some time alone to surf the net or look up recipes or play a game or catch a sitcom that you missed. Horizontal sheer shades are versatile for such spaces as they are crafted with sheer fabric enclosing fabric vanes that can be tilted open or shut to provide an airy feel to the space, and allow a softly veiled view of the outside! Enjoy some quality me time away from noisy kids or demanding neighbors, sipping on a tall, icy drink!

A coffee nook in the kitchen.


An extension to the end of a counter in the kitchen can be made of wood to accommodate a little computer, preferably to the side of a long narrow window covered with a solar shade to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays and to cut the glare from reflecting off your computer screen. Affix rails on the ceiling to accommodate tracks so that panel track shades can be used to encapsulate the little area to give you the privacy that you crave. Match the fabric of the panel track shades to the fabric of the solar shade to create a scintillatingly cozy nook! You can draw the panels back to one side when your alone-time is done.

A deep window seat.


In an odd place, like the foot of the stairs or at the end of a landing where you have a deep, wide bay window that can be made over to accommodate a plush window seat, secluded from view with magical drapes while the windows can be shaded with wooden blinds. Close the vanes of the blinds and drapes are drawn across the space and go for an undisturbed nap, or have a great time WhatsApping with your friends!

With wonderful products available to you at the click of a button, give free reign to your creativity to take care of ‘you’!

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