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Renovating For A New Lifestyle – Panel Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades

Why Should You Love Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades Over Vertical Window Blinds?

Sliding glass doors are the best ways to allow natural light and fresh air to enter your home. Almost in every Canadian home, you will find large doors, patio doors, or sliding glass doors. Do you have a sliding glass door in your home? Well, you might think that having sliding glass doors mean you have to compromise with the outside natural beauty to protect your home from harsh sunlight, harmful UV rays, and glare. But for the sake of your beautiful modern home, you should not sacrifice with the aesthetic appeal or any outside view. When it comes to finding out the perfect window treatment, it can create a hazard for many homeowners. But our recommendation is to cover them with sliding panel track blinds and shades, which are available in different light control options and can be operated easily without any hassle.


What are Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades? How Do They Work?

Sliding panel track blinds and shades are the modern alternatives to vertical blinds for sliding glass doors. Previously only vertical blinds and beautiful draperies were used to decorate the sliding glass doors but nowadays for a change or new look, people go for Graber panel track blinds as well. Basically, they come from two to six panel tracks and each of the panels comes with an aluminum rail that is 10 inches in width.


These panel track blinds are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and different opaqueness. Different opaqueness means they come in sheer fabric, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabric depending on the privacy level. Through sheer fabric, you can have a better outside view and at the same time moderate privacy also. Blackout fabric will block out all the harmful rays and when closed completely, they will provide total privacy. They are also responsible for insulation and for reducing glare.


Sliding Panel Track Blinds Canada


Below are the other features of panel track blinds that will tell you that why they are best for your beautiful home:

  • Not only are these panel blinds used on the sliding glass doors but they also work as a room divider. For example, if you want a separate space in your bedroom just go for these panel blinds. They will help you to create that space.

  • Sliding panel track blinds and shades offer a soft look just like window curtains but act like a window blind only. These panel blinds keep your space cool and comfortable while complementing your décor style.

  • Panel Track Blinds can be installed on a ceiling mount or inside and outside of the window frame and can open from either side or from the center.

  • You can customize them according to your door size. If you need any help with customization, you can contact our design experts.

  • Panel track blinds are made of superior quality materials which ensure that they are durable and will stay longer without any damage. Even the rails which are used to move are also hardy and strong.

  • You can operate them using a chain, cord, or through wand control. Wand control means they are safe for the home with kids and pets as they don’t have any dangerous cord which can create hazards for them.

  • You can add extra liners to increase the level of privacy and energy efficiency.

  • These Graber panel track blinds are the perfect choice for your study room as they create the perfect ambiance you want for your space.

  • You can layer these panel track blinds with any type of window treatments to create an elegant look throughout the interior.

  • These types of window coverings for sliding glass doors don’t collect more dust. Sliding panel track blinds and shades require a very minimum cleaning and maintenance. Simply by dusting and vacuuming, you can clean them.

  • Panel track blinds are very versatile and flexible in the list of popular window coverings. Not only they are used to cover sliding glass doors but they work well on patio doors or any large windows.


You can choose between Accents Graber Sliding Panels Natural Shades (made with natural materials such as – bamboo, jute, slit bamboo, cellulose, etc for an eco-friendly and a safer choice for your family) or Accents Graber Sliding Panels Shades to give your sliding glass doors a sleek, modern, polished, and stunning look.

 Sliding Door Window Coverings


How to Install Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades?

To get started, make sure you have all the necessary tools such as – measuring tape, pencil, screwdriver, drill, etc so that you don’t have to be distracted during the installation process.

Then you decide whether you want to go for inside mounting (ceiling mount) or outside mounting.

For inside mounting, mark the locations where you want to place the brackets (parallel to the wall). Now, install the brackets using screws and drill machine. After that, attach the headrail but make sure that valance clips are already installed. Finally, attach the panels to the headrail.

Outside mounting is almost same as inside mounting but they should be mounted outside of the window frame. After installing the brackets just attach the headrails. And then, attach the panel tracks so that you can enjoy the benefits provided by them.

If you need any help during the installation procedure, contact our customer care executives. Otherwise, go through our DIY videos so that you can install them without any difficulty.


Installing Sliding Panel Track Blinds


Need Help to Install Panel Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors? Contact Us!

If you’re planning to decorate your sliding glass doors then we will be happy to help you to choose the perfect window treatment.

Browse our full section to get the best solution for your sliding doors. You can order our free samples to get the best style or consult with our design experts. Otherwise, you can comment in the below section also. Our team will help you with all your queries!

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