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Slim and Flat Blinds For Your Shallow Windows

Slim and Flat Blinds For Your Shallow Windows

Window blinds and shades constitute some of the biggest challenges in the world of home decor. Ask any interior decorator about his or her experience, and they will have multiple stories to tell about disgruntled and overly fussy customers who never get satisfied with a single design. Besides, they prefer everything to be served on a platter without spending an extra penny beyond their budget. This can be a nightmare for stylists who often run out of options in trying to satisfy them. However, with the surge in the number of window treatments and newer inventions, thanks to technology, now you have multiple options to choose from. These can be customized according to the customer’s budget and their need for light filtering or a blackout effect in the room. Insulation is also a big factor, but a lot depends on the type of windows in your house. Big and wide windows demand the installation of shades that can preserve your view without compromising on the comfort, and so do smaller and shallow windows, where the wrong window blind can break the appearance of the room.

The Best Flat Blinds

A shallow window might easily be ignored when you are thinking about the bigger design elements in the room. We cannot blame you when your focus is on the ceiling or the wall painting, but a window, irrespective of its size, affects the comfort of your room to a substantial extent. It is where the air, light, and sun’s glare falls in, so the wrong window treatment may not just fade your belongings because of the sun’s glare. It can also affect the temperature in the room, making it colder or hotter during different times of the year. That enables you to switch on the air conditioner or the heater, which can lead to higher energy bills.

All this can be avoided by getting the best blinds. We recommend having flat blinds for your window. The below-mentioned shades are not only in vogue because of their unique style but also because of the protection they provide against external elements.

The Flat Fabric of Roller Shades

The best thing about these shades is their versatility in going along with any kind of window. They can look good and functional for both wide and shallow windows. Since they are available in different opacity levels, you know how easily you can customize them according to your requirements.

a. Blackout Shades: There might be some of us who work in night shifts and want a room darkening effect in the room which can enable them to sleep without disruption during day time. They would prefer no sunlight caressing them, even when it might be pleasing during the morning. Blackout roller shades have the advantage of providing additional privacy, especially after the sunsets. At that time, no one will be able to peek inside even when the room is illuminated with artificial light.

b. Light Filtering Roller and Solar Shades: There are different ranges of openness in light filtering shades, depending on how clear you want your view of the lawn/street to be. You do not need artificial light when you get a good dosage of sunlight to wake you up in the morning, without blinding you with its glare. Being in natural light keeps you in a good mood all day long, and gives you a good enough reason why you must opt for these shades. Made from a special UV-resistant material, they help you avoid skin infections that may arise due to the harmful effects of the sun’s radiation. Light filtering fabric helps to let in a soft glow through the fabric while providing privacy. Solar shade fabric, on the other hand, has openness values from 1% to 15% that let you see through the fabric itself.

Plain and Solid Roman Blinds

A name synonymous with sophistication and elegance is Roman blinds, and that is not an exaggeration. Where other blinds fail to lend you the right finishing touch to the contemporary and modern decor elements to a room, Roman blinds do the job fairly well. Boasting of a peculiar yet fascinating combination of the traditional and modern design elements, Roman blinds come in a variety of styles that range from plain and solid to pleated and textured. For your smaller windows, however, we recommend the flat and soft fabric of Crown’s Roman shades.

The available options at one of the biggest and widely recognized brands of window treatments (Crown) range from cord lift to continuous loop. There is also the Top Down Bottom up option. However, modern technology demands that your home remains free from the corded setup, which might be detrimental to your kids’ health and safety. What we recommend are motorized options, now available with all kinds of window treatments. They allow you to operate them from a distance, using your smartphone, tablet or remote control. Here you can schedule their adjustment, opening and closing without physically moving, or when you are not home. The home is thus kept secure against prowlers and potential intruders who, when observing the movement or closing of blinds from outside, can deem the house to be occupied.

Roman shades offer a great styling window covering option, with neat, folded pleats at the bottom when they are pulled all the way up. Apart from that, they can be easily cleaned by vacuuming and dusting, thus entailing minimum costs for maintaining them. They can work as well as other insulating fabrics for maintaining room temperature in the room, avoiding heat loss during winters and heat gain during summers. Their flat fabric is definitely one of the most coveted ones during all seasons.
Blackout Roman Shades

The Efficacy Of Zebra Sheer Shades

Getting the right window blind is a great dilemma many of us face. Keeping the functionality as well as the aesthetics of window blinds in mind, Zebra Sheer Shades were invented. As their name suggests, they boast of a Zebra-shaped pattern with their alternating room darkening and light filtering fabrics, offering the perfect mix of privacy and light control. With different transparency levels, Zebra shades give a textured-like feel, creating an impression that there are gaps between the slats. High on style and effectiveness, their chic appearance can be a terrific addition to any room of the house. They can work equally well in the study, where you need peace as well as natural light to keep you focused on your work, as well as in bedrooms and living rooms where your visitors can gush over them.

For small and shallow windows, Zebra Sheer Shades can be an excellent choice. Their continuous cord loop system allows you to adjust them when you want more privacy or want to control the outside view. However, motorized options are also available in them for convenience and comfort. They are constructed from highly durable polyester, which makes cleaning them an almost effortless task. This can be done through a sponge or mild soap, without resorting to chemical cleaners as they may lead to discoloration and affect their fabrics.

To sum up, Zebra Sheer Shades, flat Roman blinds and solar shades can be excellent options for your small and shallow windows. They boast of a variety of advantages, from insulation to design brilliance. They can also be customized to fit your budgetary requirements and sense of aesthetics; so first set your expectations from your window shades, and then set out to see how these wonderful window treatments can be personalized to help you achieve that.

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