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Smart Blinds – Create A Safe and Comfortable Home For The Elderly


How often do we just want to get back to the comfort of our home as soon as possible, after a long day at work or after a long trip abroad? In those last few exhausted minutes, we can’t wait to get back to our people and a place where you can be yourself. Building a house might be easy, but making it into home takes lot more than its infrastructure, furniture, and décor. While it may be easy for adults and young active members of the family to be functional, relaxed, and “more at home,” the elderly might struggle with keeping themselves functioning at home. As people age, many often need to rely on an external support system for performing daily tasks. Family members, caregivers, or a residence designed to as per their needs and convenience. Nevertheless, with the latest smart home automation and integration technology and evolving Internet of Things, now you can make everyday lives much easier for your aging parents, elderly, or differently abled members.

The smart home integration comes with automated appliances and wireless technology for added comfort, convenience, safety, and security. Automated system locks doors, switches on lights, adjusts window treatments, opens smart blinds for refreshing daylight, and closes shutters for perfect cozy moments, maintains temperature, etc., and all this while you and your family members are sitting in your living room with automated theatre system enjoying Sunday afternoon with some good old comedy movie. Technology does have its upsides, but availing convenience and fulfilling daily needs of elderly is where it really earns the brownie points.

Majority of smart appliances are simple to install and operate with smartphone. A tactful home integration system allows to monitor and assist your loved ones from wherever you are inside or outside the house. One of the unique technological innovations is the automatic programming of window treatments, mainly automated affordable best smart blinds. Along with safety, security, and convenience, these are very practical for elderly in your house due to the number of benefits associated with them.

  • Safe and secure: Upgrading your blinds with smart home integration maximizes the safety and security of your home and senior family members as you can operate the blinds automatically. This diminishes any risks correlating with the use of traditional corded blinds. Contrastingly, automated blinds are completely cordless and hassle free, making them secure and safe for an entire family, including your aging parents, grandparents, children, and pets. These affordable smart blinds provide privacy from constant noisy neighbors and ward off any intruders. Additionally, be it senior family members or caregivers of elderly, anyone can easily operate these safe smart blinds from anywhere in the house.
  • Remote control: Since automated blinds are also intended to be operated by the elderly or their caregivers, they can be accessed remotely via an app on a smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are in the house, just press the button at your fingertips.
  • Voice control: With integrated voice-controlled features, the elderly, especially when home alone, won’t have to worry about not being able to locate the remote control or its run-out batteries. Just give the right command to your affordable smart blinds using voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, to open or close the blinds as per your comfort and convenience.
  • Voice assistants: Today, numerous voice assistants are available in the market that help automate your home security system, making it much effortless and practical. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa are some of the popular voice assistants in the market today. Once you have chosen the right voice assistant for your house, the next step is to select the appropriate compatible smart hub, such as Z wave, which is more common. Simply integrate your voice assistant with the smart hub, and voila, Alexa is no less than an angel serving your commands.
  • Absolute automation beyond remote and voice: Some affordable best smart blinds come with integrated proximity and motion sensors. If the blinds are not accessible to elderly by a remote control or voice assistance, then geofencing and scheduling are the two features for them. With geofencing features, blinds automatically open and shut based on one’s presence within detected proximity or one’s movements in a specific area through the GPS on their smartphone. If the elderly do not have access to GPS system or smartphones, you can schedule and operate the blinds at certain times throughout the day. Just set the schedule once and let technology do its work for as long as you want it to.
  • Room darkening options for better sleep: With increasing age, sleep patterns keep changing and elderly might find it difficult to fall asleep. Nevertheless, now with affordable best smart blinds you can have your bedroom fully equipped and automated for a restful goodnight’s sleep. Room darkening window treatments, such as these automated smart blinds, take care of your parents’ and elderly’s sleep pattern, quality, and schedule. With one voice command, remote switch, or automated scheduling system, you can operate the affordable best smart blinds as per your convenience to sleep better.

There is always something comforting about living in your family home where you were raised and memories were made. Home renovation system providing safety and comfort for the elderly in family is in high demand. Rather than relocating, many houseowners and aspiring buyers are opting to modify their homes to experience enhanced accessibility, functionality, and easement so they can age carefreely in their homes. So, when its time, don’t move out anywhere else. Just upgrade your homes with latest smart home integration window treatments, such as affordable best smart blinds, and live peacefully even in your old age.

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