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Vertical Is The Way To Go – A Smart and Elegant Solution for Patio Doors

Patio Door Privacy Solutions

Patio Door Privacy Solutions- Grab Innovative Designs with Efficient Functionality


Known for adding elegance and clean lines to our homes, patio doors have been slowly increasing in popularity for last 50 years. Now, they are the first preference if you wish to add a sleek sophistication to your home and make your indoors seem more spacious. These stylish doors act as a bridge which opens your home to the outdoors and lets natural light enter in abundance. They are glass doors with sliding features, so choosing a covering for them is a bit tricky. Patio doors need blinds and shades that, in addition to providing privacy, should not hinder their smooth functionality. Fortunately, we have a perfect patio door privacy solutions – Vertical blinds and shades! Vertical is the most prevailing style which provides great control over hard glare without hindering the easy closing and opening of doors.


Sheer Vertical Blinds


Why is Vertical Shades the Best Patio Door Privacy Solutions?

There are many unique and distinguished patterns, size, and colors of window shades and blinds that are available to match the style and need of every home or office. It’s important to weigh the advantages of each style before choosing perfect window coverings. For patio doors or large size windows, Vertical window coverings are the most popular and trendy solution. Here’s why:

1. Affordability

Budget is an important and dominating issue which lets you or stops you from purchasing certain things. Whether you have to shop for clothes, footwear or home décor, there is a specific limit of your budget under which you try to get the best quality product. Similarly, for getting the best, you must find a perfect yet cost-friendly covering. Vertical shades and blinds are affordable, stylish and at the same point serve the purpose efficiently. By implementing these smart vertical shades, you can live comfortably in extreme climate conditions. With their honeycomb-like structure, these patio door shades and blinds can trap air in their pockets and maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Vertical Cellular Shades


2. Versatility

You can adjust these Vertical blinds in the windows and doors of any size and shape. They are the most versatile and sleek window coverings for patio doors. Even for the most difficult to fit windows, these are the most suitable fit. Customization options are available with us with a huge choice of colors, shades and patterns. You can select the material of these window coverings as well. These can be crafted from metal, wood, fabric or PVC in a range of specifications. So, no worries about getting a perfect match that goes well with your home interiors. These vertical shades and blinds will enhance the beauty of your home along with providing smart functionality.


Vertical Shades for Patio Doors


3. Attractiveness

Get a classic, neat and tidy look with these modern and smart vertical window covering solutions. Their straight design and sleek lines can make anyone fall for them. You can even adjust or pair them with other window coverings like valances, curtains and drapes. Mix and match is an ongoing trend of the decade which can amplify finishing and look of your home.

Vertical Shades with Curtains for Patio Doors


4. Complete light blockage

These vertical blinds cover the large windows and patio doors perfectly. The sun rays get magnified when they pass through glass which is great for winter months but not suitable throughout the year. There can be a lot of damage to your skin, furniture and ambiance of your home by the harsh glare of sun. The sunlight makes the room hot and uncomfortable to sit without air conditioning. Vertical blinds give you choices of either blocking the sun rays completely or filtering the excess amount. You can adjust the opacity of these vertical blinds and shades as per your needs. They take care of the privacy so no one can take a sneak peek inside your space. By lowering the need for air conditioning, you also save money on energy bills.


5. Easy to install and replace

These vertical blinds can be easily installed by following simple instructions available at our website. These can be mounted inside or outside the window or door frame. The slats of these shades are strung together with a cord running through the bottom. You can replace the individual slats or vanes also or you can replace the entire tracking mechanism too. You just have to detach the slat from the cords in case it is damaged or for a new look. Switch out the old ones with the new ones and you are good to go. 

So, get up and cover your patio doors and large windows with wooden vertical shades, fabric vertical shades, PVC vertical shades, smart vertical shades or blackout vertical shades. The choice is yours and quality is ours.


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