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Looking to the Future: Smart Homes and Shades In The Next Decade

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Looking to the Future: Smart Homes and Shades In The Next Decade

Have you ever been a fan for science fiction books and movies? If you have, then you will absolutely agree with me when I say that the concept of smart homes has strong roots from these very fictions and movies! There are no limits to what human minds can do in order to make life a little more interesting and convenient. But taking a figment of imagination and bringing it to reality is something else. It is true that technology has bought people close to each other. With the concept of smart homes, even today, devices are interconnected with each other, and the connection between people and devices has also become more profound.

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Smart Homes and Smart Window Treatments of the Past

We all surely remember the time when, if you wanted to get something done in your house, you’d have no choice but to get out of your chair and do it yourself. Switch on/off the lights and fans, turn on the dishwasher and washing machine, pull up the curtains to let in some fresh air and light, and all of those morning chores required you to be physically involved.

Slowly, great minds started to work on improving gadgets and devices that were already making our lives easier! That is how remote controlled electronic devices came into being. You did not have to walk up to the switchboard to turn on the AC / Heater anymore, you could do that from wherever you are by clicking the button on remote control. Followed by the remote control system, came the option of fixing the gadgets and devices with timers. Just like an alarm, you could fix a timer for the devices to start or stop on their own, without no human work involved. Automatic sprinklers, lighting systems, etc. are still quite famous for working based on a timer system.

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Current Smart Homes and Window Shades

Extending the concept of remote control system and the timer system to more and more gadgets and devices started to astound us during the years that followed. Devices and gadgets like home security systems, door locks, thermostats, lights, and even the window shades were upgraded to work on timers and remote controls. Each window treatment of the house came with a remote control that could be used to operate the shades and blinds with the click of a button. This made life so much easier as the motorization of shades means no dangling cords that looked bad and that were also a safety hazard to children and pets in the house.

This concept was then followed by automation of the devices and window coverings. The Internet of Things (IoT) gave us the choice of interconnecting all these devices and gadgets under one single hub and operating them through this hub. This is the major concept of a smart home where all the devices and gadgets in the house including the sprinklers, shades and blinds, fountains, etc. could be controlled over simple voice commands!

While remote control was a great advantage to operate the blinds and shades, it still worked only in one particular room or within a certain range. Being able to control the shades, blinds and curtains all over the house from a single spot is the stuff that smart homes are made of. While integrating the blinds with the smart home hub, you could differentiate between the shades by naming them bedroom shades, kitchen shades, etc. or just by numbers like shade 1, shade 2, etc. So when you want to operate the shades, simple voice commands like “Open shade 1” could work wonders and magic.

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The Future of Smart Homes and Smart Window Treatments

Being able to control all the shades and blinds of your home from anywhere within the house is one thing, but with the smart home automation hub, you can operate these window coverings from anywhere in the world. This is a huge advantage when you are away from home, traveling, but still, want to make your home look busy and occupied! It is also great when you want to set a pleasant ambiance inside the home before you get home from work. So you can send commands to shut the window shades and turn the AC on when you are just stepping out of your workplace so that when you walk inside your home, you feel absolutely relaxed and refreshed.

It is true that a lot of us are still so awe-struck by the home automation system and the Internet of Things that we cannot really look past it. But the truth is, in coming years, there are going to be so much more developments in the field of smart home, smart devices, and smart window blinds and shades. Some creative minds are working on devices that will work based on face recognition or other features. Imagine that all you have to do is walk towards your blinds and they will start to open by detecting the proximity of your face to the windows. Doesn’t that sound absolutely intelligent and smart? For now, it may just be a fun experiment by two tech geeks, but a lot of great technology has evolved from such small ideas and experiments.

Smart Z-Wave Roller Shades



There is no end to technological advancement, not in the world that we live in. People will keep trying to improve and better electronics, gadgets and devices in a continuous manner. But what we can surely expect to see in the future is the way in which electronic devices and gadgets connect with people and their lives.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly spreading its roots into various gadgets and devices. That day is not far away when your smart home hub doesn’t even need your voice commands to work towards making your life easier and better, they will work on their own intelligence! Does that sound magical or scary? That is up to you to decide!


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