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Smart Automation: The Next Evolution of Home Window Blinds

Smart Home Automation

Smart Automation: The Next Evolution of Home Window Blinds

Every home today is fixed with home heating/ cooling systems to maintain ambiance inside the house. After a long hard day in the outside world, the last thing you want is to come home to an unwelcoming ambiance. However, studies have also shown that most of the energy consumed by the heater/ Air conditioner is actually wasted away through windows and doors. How much ever you cover up the windows and doors, there are still few leakage points that simply increases your electricity bill and not your comfort!

The trick is in making the most out of your window treatments. Keeping them open only when required and adjusting the angle of the slats at certain points in time etc. Sometimes we even forget to close our window coverings before stepping out of the house. These are some of the flaws by which we increase energy consumption at our homes without our knowledge. The only way to get to the end of this tunnel is to choose a smarter option and Smart window blinds are the best choice available in the market right now!

Smart Motorized Sheer Shades


Smart Home is the one that uses automation to its advantage

Our home is filled with products that are designed to simplify our lives and make it comfortable. We have devices that perform all of our day to day work while we can sit back and relax. From washing clothes and dishes to watering our plants and keeping our home clean, we use electronic items at every step of our everyday life. However, automation of these products is taking comfort to a whole new level!

Smart Home

Imagine your curtains rolling up to let in the soft glow of the rising sun, while mellow music wakes you up. At the same time, the coffee starts brewing and your oven starts to pre-heat, the lights turn off while the window blinds all over the house tilt open to a certain angle to let in the right amount of light. The AC gets adjusted to a certain temperature and the home alarm system is turned off. And all of these morning chores are done without you even getting out of your bed, all you had to do was say “Good Morning” to your smart home system. This is what you get when you choose to go for a smart home.

Smart Automation is the best friend of a smart home system. Everything in the house including lights, kitchen devices, AC/ heater, window solution etc. can be automated to work on their own, without you having to even move a finger.

Google Home Roller Solar Shades


Products and Brands Available in the Market for Smart Home Automation

There are a variety of smart home automation systems available in the market currently. Between these brands, you can find every kind of electronic device that is automated and can fit in with the smart home system. Here are a few major brands-

  • Nest by Google
  • Logitech
  • Savant
  • Control4
  • URC
  • ELAN
  • Remote Technologies Incorporated
  • Crestron, etc.

Of course there are many more brands coming up all over the world that are providing home automation, however, Google Nest is the one that is most booming brand that offers smart devices that include home heating and cooling system, thermostats, water heaters, alarm system, etc.

When it comes to smart blinds and shades that can be integrated with home automation system, Z-wave is the most popular smart window treatments provider in the market currently. The other major brands include,

  • Zigbee
  • LightwaveRF
  • Bluetooth Smart, etc.

However, major electronic brands are siding with Z-wave for they are considered to be far easier to integrate and operate and they also work on longer ranges compared to their competitors.

Smart Roman Shades


Smart Blinds and Shades to go with your Smart home

Each and every device at home that makes our lives easier can be replaced with their smarter versions. The heating and cooling system, lighting, home security system, thermostat, etc. including the window shades can be automated and operated through the smart home automation system. Automated window coverings are the easiest way to make sure that they are open when you need the light and air and at the same time, they are shut when no one is home. You don’t even have to be personally present or do anything physically, for the smart shades and blinds can be automated to work over voice commands. They can also be fixed with timers to open and close at a particular time of the day.

Another amazing part about smart shades and blinds is that they can be commanded to open/ shut at a particular angle and the percentage of openness can also be controlled over voice commands. Saying something like, “open curtains 70%” or “tilt slats 45%” can also work perfectly with smart window coverings. What was only possible in theory about 10 years back, is now practically possible for anyone who chooses it.

Alexa Controlled Roller Shades


The Advantages of Smart Blinds and Shades at Our Homes

As mentioned above, smart motorized blinds and shades can simplify our life in more than one ways. It is not just about comfort but it is also about conserving energy and saving money! What other advantages can we expect out of these smart solution? Here are a few to get you thinking about it.

  • Shut down the shades to block out light in the bedroom so that you can snooze for a little while longer
  • Operate the shades over voice commands in order to avoid the glare while watching TV or playing video games.
  • Ability to operate the shades and blinds from anywhere in the world. So that you can create an illusion of occupancy even when you are away traveling.
  • Operate it through timer system in order to make maximum use of the sunlight and the fresh air.
  • Shut the window treatments all over the house at the same time when you are about to leave the house so that the ambiance inside the house is unaffected by the external factors
  • Conserve energy and save on electricity bills by shutting the blinds or shades and insulating the home.



There are so many advantages to choosing smart shades and blinds over the regular curtains and blinds. Even though it is towards the pricier side, more and more people all over the world are choosing smart home automation products that can be integrated with this system. It is only fair to update your home to Next Evolution of Home Window Blinds unless you want to be left behind!

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