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Smart Home Blind Solutions

Smart Home Blind Solutions- Let Your Windows Evolve with Time 


We are stepping into the future with growing technologies for endless needs. Smart changes are constantly making our lives smarter and easier. A trending concept which is an ongoing demand across the globe is the Smart Home. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see who’s at the door from your smartphone no matter where you are in the world? Or programming lights according to timings? Or just press a button to open your window blinds without getting out of bed? Sounds cool, right? You don’t have to wait anymore to get such smart and practical things installed in your home. ZebraBlinds has come up with a convenient and user-friendly smart home blind solutions.


Windows, being the masterpieces of your home, play a vital role in making or breaking the ambiance of your home. Upgrading them smartly will lend your home a quirky twist making it impressive and tech-inspired. Smart home window blinds are the perfect solution to replace your old-fashioned drapes and curtains. They are designed to make your life easier and cooler. With elegant designs, customizable options, various specifications and functionality choices, these home automation window blinds create an environment where you could easily control the amount of light entering your room. This feature will take your home décor to the next level. There are lots of myths linked to smart home blind solutions which might be stopping you from choosing them.


We at ZebraBlinds understand your concerns and thus, have put together a list of facts about smart window blinds which will clear the air. We are sure that after knowing these amazing facts about these blinds, you won’t be able to resist yourself from installing them in your home.


10 Important Facts About Smart Home Blind Solutions


1. Saves Energy

Saving on energy bills is becoming the utmost priority of every homeowner. Homes are nowadays equipped with so many electrical devices, leading to high energy bills that break your bank. The air conditioner is one of those which is not only a costly implementation but also contributes a lot in raising your energy bills. Smart home window blinds is one perfect and energy-efficient solution that will shield your home from scorching sunrays and harsh glare, making the ambiance of your home cool and comfortable.


Smart window blinds block the UV radiations which can also harm your skin, your furniture, flooring, and other home décor. Lower the amount of sunlight entering your home, lower the temperature, lower the need of an air conditioner, lower the energy bills. Isn’t this a cool and smart way to make your home pleasant? There are many different kinds of blinds available in our collection serving each and every need of your home. For elegant looks, you can choose roman blinds and shades. For dual functionality of blocking sunlight and maintaining the view, you can choose sheer shades. For complete darkness, you can go ahead with blackout shades and blinds. You just need to weigh your needs, we will give you endless solutions.


Smart Zwave Blackout Roller Shades


2. Customizable To Match With Your Home Decor

The size and shape of your windows doesn’t matter when we offer you customizable options which make these smart home window blinds and shades a perfect fit. Apart from this, you can also select the range of opacity, the type of material used, the color tone, texture, pattern, design, and functionality of your window blinds. So, personalize your windows to reflect your style.


3. Eco-friendliness: Contributes In Saving Nature

Smart home window blinds have no side effects on the outside atmosphere, unlike Air Conditioners. They make your indoors cool and comfortable but emit radiations which are harmful for outside environment and contribute to global warming. Increasing usage of air conditioners is making our environment unhealthy for future generations. Windows blinds are a smart replacement for air conditioners. By blocking the hot sunrays from entering the home, they help maintain a nice and soothing temperature inside. Implementing these blinds will also enhance the beauty of your home décor.


4. Easy installation

Under the supervision of our experts, installing these smart home blind solutions are hassle-free and simple. You can even install them by yourself by just following some easy instructions. They can be installed inside or outside the windows depending on your preference and window size. You can visit our ‘how to install’ DIY videos for more information.


Window Treatment Installation

5. You Can Measure Them Yourself

You just need a measuring tape, some measuring tool and few minutes to measure for window blinds accurately. Measuring instructions are available on our website for every kind of window coverings. There are different measuring instructions for inside and outside mounts. Follow our instructions available on our website and get customizable and well-fitted smart windows blinds in no time.


Measuring Blinds Shades


6. Bring Peace To Your Home

Are you fed up of your noisy neighbors? Does the sound of honking vehicles, shouting people and traffic sounds disturb you while sleeping, working or studying? Installing noise filtering smart windows blinds is the best and affordable solution to deal with this discomfort. Our home automation window blinds help filter out the disturbing noises and bring peace to your home. These soundproof windows blinds are perfect for children rooms as sleep is very important for their growth.


Soundproof Windows Blinds


7. Easy Cleaning

Just like any other household stuff, these smart home blind solutions also need regular dusting or vacuuming. For deep cleaning, you can dip a cloth in the detergent solution and swipe each slat carefully. For fabric, you can use a soft vacuuming. Cleaning smart blinds just need some tools and a few minutes of yours. They will look like new again without in putting much effort.


Window Blinds Cleaning


8. Safety First!

These cordless smart window blinds are safe for kids and pets as there is no cords attached to them which can be tangled up and harm anyone. Everything is getting smarter day by day. Operating window blinds using same old traditional cords will make your home feel outdated. Operating them with a portable remote from anywhere in the room makes your life easy and simple.


Cordless Pleated Shades for Patio Doors


9. Operate smartly

Smart window blinds are cordless. You can go through our simple instructions about how to use cordless blinds. They are operated with a remote control which can be a single channel or twelve channel depending upon your needs. You can operate single blinds or multiple blinds together with a single remote. Equipped with Z-wave technology, these Graber motorized blinds can also be operated with your smartphone. You can also program their functioning according to the time and temperature. They can also be integrated with voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. For more information, visit our webpage.


Smart Motorized Roman Shades


10. Budget-friendly

Our huge collection has smart window blinds of every price range depending upon your budget and needs. Smart blinds add a great value to your home décor and functioning. Customizable options are also available in affordable prices. This is a worthy investment to redesign your home, making it smarter and more comfortable. ZebraBlinds is the most preferred one-stop solution to get best blinds and shades online.

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