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Smart Home Gadget Deals – You Can’t Say No!

Smart Home Gadget Deals

Smart Home Devices of 2019 with Exciting Deals

This is the perfect time when you should consider upgrading your home with smart gadgets without breaking your budget. You might find massive deals and discounts on all sorts of home devices, which include speakers, refrigerators, cameras, security doorbells, and many more to create a smart home. If you are in the market for smart products and are looking to buy them at an affordable price, then we are here help you to find out what is hot and trendy right now! Plan and personalize to fulfill your home with modern devices. We have a wide range of products which are cost-effective and operable with Google Home and Alexa so that using a simple command can do the job. These products simplify your daily boring life while making it smoother than before.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase one product. Many products operate efficiently for your home and are very affordable. But keep in mind that many offers are for a limited time only and prices may vary depending on the market scenarios. We have gathered a list that consists of the best smart home gadgets along with the prices and deals that are currently available.

Cool Stuff with Awesome Deals

When it comes to buying the best smart home product, various things come to our mind, and the price is one of those. Spending some time around the shopping sites will help you get to know recent deals and cashback offers. Look for the best products and invest in them. To make your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free, we have got ready a list that will make you understand which product you should go for and why.

Below are the products with some price reductions, so keep hunting for the product you want to make your life luxurious.

Amazon Echo Plus – Alexa

There are three reasons to buy this product – superb smart home artificial intelligence, broad compatibility, and the ability or power of voice recognition. This voice-assistant device is incredible when it comes to playing music or turning on or off the light. If you are looking for an answer or wish to know the weather forecast, ask Alexa with a simple voice command. From adjusting window shadings to the thermostat, making calls to receiving messages, everything can be done with your voice. This product is worthy of investment and costs around $50. And once you get it, you will feel amazed with the efficiency of this gadget.

Amazon Alexa

Smart Lighting System – Philips Hue White LED

This one is the top picks of the year as it can enhance the security of your home. You have the option to opt for color changing light system, but if you are a first-time user, then start with the standard Philips Hue smart light bulbs (white-colored). Get a set of two bulbs at $70. If you already have Google Home or Alexa, then you can get this Bluetooth version of bulbs at $30, and you don’t need an extra hub for this.

Smart Lighting System

You can go for a Wyze Bulb as well, which will cost you $8, and you don’t require any hub for this system, but may have a little bit less functionality. This is another great deal for your smart light controlling system.

Smart Thermostat

If you are looking for something that will control the home’s heating and cooling system while saving your money, then consider purchasing WiFi-based Ecobee Smart Thermostat. This device comes with a temperature sensor that can read the room’s temperature and adjust the atmosphere accordingly. Ecobee works with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. This smart thermostat will cost you $249 and investing in them will surely save a huge on the electricity bills.

You can install Nest Thermostat, which works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Get the one depending on your budget and requirement.

Smart Window Treatments

Smart window shades and blinds are uniquely designed to provide you with comfort from the extreme harshness or heat and glare. But they offer ultimate protection by working automatically. Pre-programmed timer options can make the shades operable at a particular time. The shades can be paired with z-wave sensors or automation that have a huge role in balancing the temperature of the room. By installing these dressings, you can enjoy several benefits including increased energy efficiency of your home.

When you are extremely busy and unable to turn on or off the window treatments, ask your Alexa or Google Home to open or close them. For example, say ‘Hey Alexa, Open the Shades’, and they will raise automatically. There are a wide variety of shades and blinds which can be integrated with this feature.

Smart Window Treatments

Make sure to connect them with smart home automation hub and access them using a smartphone or voice-activated speaker. The price of these custom window coverings depends on the size, color, and the type you select. But we can assure you that they will not break the bank budget as when you purchase them, as you can get attractive deals and discounts.

Smart Security Camera

Investing in security cameras is the smartest decision ever. When we talk about the best security camera, there are various options to look for. Arlo Pro 2 is one of them which comes with two cameras (for both indoor and outdoor) which cost you around $480, and an additional camera will cost $150. You might think that the price is too high, but when compared to other WiFi integrated security cameras, this one is the most reasonable. The cameras are weatherproof and extremely reliable to install anywhere inside or outside of the home. Alexa and Google Home compatibility makes the camera unique and hot.

Smart Security Camera

By installing these cameras, you can see the person standing outside of the home without opening the door. Even you can communicate with the person through the smartphone or tablet.

If you find it a highly-priced, then go for an indoor camera – Wyze Cam Pan which is affordable and cost only $30.

Smart Doorbell

WiFi integrated Nest Hello Doorbell is the best choice to see who is standing out of the home. This device has the power to capture three hours of video clips. And this gadget has a facial recognition database, which means this app will send you an alert for the most frequent visitors.

Generally, this costs $230, but you can avail some attractive deals on Walmart and get it for $180.


These are the best and great deals right now available in the market. Get them now before the end of the sale and make home smart and secure than before. Consult with the professional experts to learn more about these smart devices!

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