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Smart Home Window Blinds with Amazon Echo Home Automation

Smart Home Window Blinds

Control Your Voice Controlled Smart Home Window Blinds with Alexa Home Automation


There is no doubt that smart home window blinds are the cool choice for your beautiful home. These blinds are not only smart, they also offer the quality of life benefits that make living a bit more comfortable. If you want to make your smart home window blinds even smarter, then integrate them with Amazon Echo Home Automation.

It’s a marvelous feeling that you can control powered window blinds using your voice-controlled assistant without moving anywhere. Because of their style, comfort, various control methods, and their ability to save energy, Smart Home Window Blinds have become the popular choice for many homeowners.


Voice Controlled Window Coverings


Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa, has become a big trend that everyone loves to install in their home because of its flexibility and versatility. It allows you to use your voice to raise and lower your window treatments!


It’s Time to Upgrade Your Automated Blinds with Amazon Echo


Nowadays it’s important to update yourself with modern technology. So whenever software updates become available you should be ready for the latest improvements throughout your home. It’s quite amazing to make your windows smart as well. With Alexa home automation you can command your window blinds to raise or lower them, open or close your blinds, and even set them to close at a certain time.

The future of voice-controlled window coverings is integration with other devices like smart blinds using Alexa.


How Can Alexa Control My Window Blinds?

Smart Home Window Blinds can be voice controlled by interfacing with your home automation hub that is compatible with voice-activated Amazon Echo. Simply ask your virtual voice assistant anything, such as “Alexa turn on shades to 32 percent” to position the shades. Your z-wave hub must be compatible with Alexa and allow the device to be used by them for this to work.

So with this smart feature, you can command your window shades to control and automate your window coverings at home.


Alexa Home Automation


Below are some command examples that you can use for your Amazon Echo Window Blinds to work automatically:

  • Lower the Window Shades – While going outside if you forgot to close your window coverings then you can ask “Can you lower the window shades?”
  • Turn the Blinds Off – If you feel irritated because of excess sunlight or heat coming through your windows, then just say turn the blinds off and it will close automatically. Even while sleeping or for any other reason, if you want to close them just order them from anywhere in your room.
  • Schedule Your Window Shades – Did you know that you can schedule your window shades to make your life easier? Yes, you heard it right! If you hate to wake up in the morning with the sound of an alarm clock, then wake up comfortably with your voice controlled smart home window blinds.
  • Turn On Any Window Coverings – Whenever you wish to open your window shades just ask your windows “Can you turn on the window coverings?”


How to Set Up Automated Window Blinds with Amazon Echo?


Automated Window Blinds with Amazon Echo


Now you know how Alexa can control your smart home window blinds. But do you know how to set them up with Amazon Echo? Here we will tell you how to set up automated blinds with Amazon echo home automation-

  • Make sure that your Smart Hub is switched on and connected to your Wi-fi network.
  • Now start the Alexa app and click on the menu at the top left of the screen.
  • Then tap smart home and then your devices.
  • Tap discover devices and wait till the app finds the Smart Hub.
  • Confirm the pairing once found.

Once paired, the new integration between the smart hub and Amazon Echo can automate your window blinds without any hassle.

Benefits of Having Automatic Window Treatments


Automatic Window Blinds with Amazon Alexa


Below are the benefits of having smart window blinds in your home-

  • Smart home window blinds save big on your energy bills by balancing the room temperature with the weather outside.
  • When you are far away from your home, these smart blinds will secure your homes by creating an illusion of occupancy.
  • These blinds have no dangling cords, hence are completely safe for the home with kids and pets.
  • Automatic window blinds increase the value of your home.
  • These window shades protect your furniture from harmful UV rays and excess daylight and can provide you with privacy (depending on fabrics chosen).
  • You can move your shades from anywhere in your room. You can control it with voice controls or automate completely.


Control Smart Home Window Blinds With Your Voice Command


We at ZebraBlinds always try to give innovative solutions with modern window coverings. Check out our best smart home window blinds that are compatible with Amazon Echo Home Automation.

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