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Combine the Traditional and the New with Smart Roman Shades

Modern Roman Shades

Combine the Traditional and the New with Modern Roman Shades

When at home, Feel like Rome

Modern Roman shades are a great choice if you are thinking of redesigning your home and adding a touch of old-world charm in it. Their designs are classic and they exude the warmth that makes the ambiance of the home soothing and pleasant. Other than providing complete privacy and blocking harsh glare, they also provide smart functionality.

Wall clocks, furniture, designer door locks, Bluetooth speakers, LED TV, floor carpets, photo frames, etc. – The list goes on and on when it comes to making your home look beautiful. But why only beautiful when you can make it smart too. In today’s chaotic lifestyles, coming home should be relaxing, and household chores should be simpler. Installing home automation products can help you in transforming your home into an intelligent place. Your home reflects your style and taste. Some prefer traditional touch in their homes while some like tech-inspired designs. We have come with our latest collection of Modern Roman Shades which are a combination of tradition and technology. They will make your home beautiful with their designs, colors and textures. With built-in Z-wave technology, Smart Motorized versions of these shades can be controlled by a portable and convenient remote from anywhere in your room. So, our smart roman shades and blinds are the best option to upgrade your home interiors at an affordable price.


Are Modern Roman Shades Perfect for Your Home?

The ambiance of your home plays a significant role in fading away the stress of work or unpleasant weather. Implementing window coverings will shield your home from rising temperature, outside noises, and harmful UV radiations. Adding a roman touch to your home will make it calm and pleasant. Here are the list of benefits you will get with these smart window covering solution:


1. Awe-inspiring look!

If you wish to impress your guests and improve your comfort level by redesigning your home, then ZebraBlinds is the spot. We have brought for you a collection of supreme quality Smart Roman Shades and Blinds. These shades will give a vintage touch to your home making it look luxurious and lavish. They come with very subtle colors, intricate designs, and smooth, finely textured fabric. Adding these shades to your windows will transform the appearance of your space instantly. They are great replacements for your old drapes and curtains and will add another dimension to your home interiors. This investment of yours will never go out of style as roman shades are timeless in their elegance.


Remote Controlled Roman Shades


2. Delicacy!

Cotton, silk, polyester, woven woods – there is a variety of fabrics available which very delicately fold themselves up when we close these smart roman shades. So, these modern window covering solutions give a look of a drape and functionality of a blind. You can opt for a sheer fabric too if you want to merge natural light with artificial light, giving a perfect look. These can also be crafted using natural materials like bamboo which will bring nature to your home. These can be implemented in windows or doors of any size and shape. We provide customization options and you can also get expert advice while installing smart window coverings in your home.


3. Innovation meets tradition!

No more cords are required to operate these modern roman shades. They come with a portable and convenient remote by which you can control them easily from anywhere in your room. This is possible because of the motorization feature and injecting Z-wave technology in them. These cordless top down bottom up roman shades, with this revolutionary feature, are now easy to install and even easier to operate. They are the best solution to redesign hard-to-reach and large size windows and doors. You can also choose a timer which allows them to program themselves to open and close according to pre-set timings. You can select a single channel remote to control single shade or multiple channels remote to control multiple shades simultaneously.


Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades


4. Safe and sound

Apart from look and functionality, safety is also one major concern people have while choosing smart shades and blinds. Traditional shades are operated with cords which get tangled and are not safe for kids and pets. But our modern roman shades and blinds can be controlled by a remote. This feature makes them convenient and safe. Apart from this, you get full privacy and nobody can sneak a look inside, making your home safe.


5. Easy measurements

Measuring for Roman shades and blinds is easy and quick. You just have to follow our instructions carefully and you will be on your way of saving energy and money. Customization options are available at affordable prices for windows of any shape and size. Go to this link to read more about measuring:


6. Easy cleaning

Cleaning these window coverings just needs some materials and a few minutes. Like every household product, these roman shades also need regular dusting to remove allergens like pet hair and dust. Dusting improves the quality of air inside the home and also maintains durability. Avoid vacuuming them as the suction power can loosen decorative stitching. Get a fabric freshener and spray it every week. Then rinse them gently with a damp cloth and clean water. Use a feather duster if your shades have embroidery, quilting or needlework. Splash with a light cleaner for non-greasy stains on washable fabric roman shades. Also, have a check after cleaning for loose or broken string loops, stitching, drooping hems or other required repairs. Make sure you consult your manufacturer’s guide before cleaning as all shades are different.


Cleaning Roman Shades


Research is a must when you are shopping for your home. Improving existing facilities and adding smart elements needs the advice of experts. Our experts at ZebraBlinds provide professional and valuable advice to help you implement perfect window and door coverings. Feel free to contact us and keep exploring our collection til then. Your trust and satisfaction is our utmost priority which you will feel in our each and every product.


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