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Designing Small Spaces with Smart Shades and Blinds

Smart Shades and Blinds

Designing Small Spaces with Smart Shades and Blinds

Decorating small spaces is a huge challenge faced by people all over the world. We need to make smart decisions and choose a décor that is absolutely minimal and necessary. Otherwise, even a small unnecessary addition to the space can make our space look untidy and cluttered. However, with the right guidance, you can achieve the most out of even a small apartment or loft and make it look spacious. There are fixed closets that are multi-functional, wall mount beds, foldable tables, transformable furniture and so many more options that we can choose from. Similarly, dressing up the windows in a small space also needs to be done smartly. Choosing bulky draperies and curtains will only make the space look dark, dingy and cluttered. Here are a few ways to style the windows of a small space.

Go Basic with Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are known to be versatile and able to blend in with any kind of home décor. You can easily find a plantation shutter for your windows of all sizes and shapes. Even difficult windows and hard to reach windows can be fitted with these shutters. That is how versatile these shutters are. When it comes to a small space, they are fitted within the window frame making the whole window treatment look compact and perfect. They do not take up any more space and they can also be exterior mounted. When you need some light and air, all you need to do is pull up the louvers of the shutters, tilting the slats to let in the required light. This way, no extra space will be taken up by these window coverings.

Plantation Shutters

Elegant Sheer Shades

It is very important to fill your home with natural light and air, no matter how large or small the house is. However, it is especially important to fill small spaces with good amount of light. Even though the small spaces have only one or two windows, they are still a major source of natural light and air. So, the smartest way to dress up these windows without blocking out the light is to choose a sheer shade that blends perfectly with the space. Sheer shades are very light, breezy and airy, filling the space up with a soft glow of natural light. It makes the space look a lot more spacious and light. Furthermore, sheers are so elegant that they make your home look luxurious and rich, no matter how small the space is. It is also important to keep the window treatment design clean and hassle-free. Motorized sheer shades makes it easier to operate them without any tangled up cords.

Smart Motorized Sheer Shades

Smart Roller Shades

Roller shades are also an amazing option to design windows in small spaces. This is because it rolls up when opened, using up the wall space on top instead of the sides so that the home looks spacious and free. Roller shades are elegant, compact and a perfect fit for small spaces. They do not seem clumpy or bulky, giving it a very light look and feel. Roller shades are made up of fabric too and it gives us a wide variety of choices like the type of fabric, the color of the fabric, patterns and designs, including hemlines that makes the window covering look all fancy and rich. Depending on the fabric chosen, you can control the light inflow. Sheer fabrics will fill the space with a lot of natural light, but it keeps the harshness of the sunlight and its glare at bay. The light filters as it falls through these smart roller shades. However, for a completely darkened space, you need to choose a blackout fabric which blocks out the light completely.

Smart Roller Shades

Choosing the Color and Pattern

Choosing the right kind of window shading solution based on your requirements is easily achievable with a wide range of choices and varieties in the market. However, when it comes to small spaces, choosing the right shade, design, and pattern of the window covering makes a huge difference. Bright and popping colors of shades and blinds will fill the whole space with a lot of funk and liveliness. Neutral colors are an all-time favorite, because they look perfect for any kind of space, be it residential or commercial. It is every designer’s advice to go for horizontal patterns of shades since it gives an illusion of space. Horizontal painterly stripes and multiple colors creating ombre effects are some of the most popular designs in the market for small spaces.

Color Blinds and Shades

Going Smart with Automated Shades and Blinds

Who says that smaller spaces cannot be made look spacious and luxurious? In fact, it is the smaller spaces that are most innovative and smart to look at. Since we need to make the most of the space available to us, we choose to go for innovative products that are multi-functional and smart. Automation has made things so much easier for us today. Every little device, gadget, and item in a house can be automated and integrated into a smart home hub so that they can all be operated using simple voice commands. The option of smart shades and blinds are getting popular by the day, even though it is costlier than regular blinds and shades, people are prepared to invest in it for a comfortable and convenient living that it offers. Being intelligent enough to sense it when the space gets hotter, the shades slide shut on their own, keeping the heat and light from the sun away from the interiors.

Smart shades and blinds would be an amazing addition to small spaces. You do not need to walk up to the windows every time you want to open or close the curtains. Neither do you have to search around for remote control for operating the shades. From anywhere inside the house, or from anywhere in the world, you can control your window shades. Even small spaces can be made smart by choosing the right kind of décor elements and gadgets.

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