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Smart Shades That Are Easy To Install and Maintain

Z-Wave Motorized Shades

Smart Shades That Are Easy To Install and Maintain

Gadgets and devices are a huge part of our lives and help us out at every step of our lives. So why not turn something as simple as a window treatment into a smart gadget? Window coverings are an integral part of every house. They are a necessity for so many reasons including light control, protection from the elements, protection against dust and pollution, and most importantly for privacy. When you add intelligence to such a necessary object of the house, it will make more things comfortable and convenient for us. Waking up to the beautiful sunrise and the amazing view outside the window without even having to get out of the bed, feels like a dream come true.

Smart shades and blinds are surely a thing of comfort and convenience, but they are also a fairly significant investment. Even though people prepare to invest in the smart window shades, installing and maintaining them could be overwhelming for a lot of people. In this post, we will see everything to do with installing and maintaining of the smart shades and blinds.

Smart Window Shades

Things to Consider Before Ordering Z-Wave Motorized Shades

Before the whole installation process starts, there are a lot more choices and decisions to be made. Based on the location of your home, you may have a wide variety of expectations from your window blinds and shades. Noise reduction, heat resistance, sound reduction, protection from pollution, UV protection, and so many more functions can be fulfilled by smart motorized shades. It is up to you to choose the window covering based on your requirements.

  • First and foremost, take right measurements of the windows that need to be dressed up.
  • Decide if you want the shades to be internally mounted or externally mounted, and prepare the molding of the windows accordingly.
  • Depending on the availability of space, choose between roller shades or curtains. Curtains will occupy space in the sides of the window when open. Roller shades will be tucked away neatly on the top of the window frame when open.
  • Based on the light requirements, choose the right fabric. There are choices like sheer, light- filtering, cellular shades, room darkening fabric, etc.
  • There is always a matter of appearance and aesthetic value to consider when choosing a window covering. There are a lot of colors, designs, patterns and details to choose from.

Z-Wave Automated Shades

These are all the choices and decisions to be made before having to worry about installing and maintaining the window treatments.

Installing Process for Smart Shades

Smart shades can seem complicated and intimidating, as many people seem to consider understanding them very tough and daunting. The truth is they are very easy to use and set up and come preprogrammed to remote control.

Installing smart blinds and shades is as simple as installing any other window blinds. Once you have the right measurements of the windows and have chosen the blinds or shades that fits perfectly with your windows, installing them isn’t that hard. Of course, creating your own smart shades is not an easy task, though there are a lot of DIY projects with instructions available online. It is always a good option to go for smart window shadings which come with clear instructions manual on how it can be installed. These automated shades and blinds are mounted with side brackets and brackets along the length of the cassette, depending on what valance option you choose. Brackets along the middle of the blind hold the blinds and the motorized components. The side brackets of the setup is what holds the middle sections securely in place. First, the sides are supposed to be fixed on the top corners of the window, followed by the middle section clicked and locked between the corners. It is as simple as that.

Installing Smart Shades

Integrating Motorized Shades with Smart Home Hub

When it comes to operating gadgets, devices and shades over your smart home hub, the only thing required is a common Wi-Fi connection over which all these things are interconnected. This is also being termed as the Internet of Things (IoT) where all the smart gadgets, electric and electronic devices, smart shades and blinds etc. are interconnected with each other over a common internet connection.

Once you have installed your shades and blinds, all you have to do is open your smart home hub on your smartphone and select the option to add a device. Once the smart shade shows up on the search, click on the option to integrate your window shades to your smart home hub. You can name your shades or number them to differentiate them from one another in case you want to operate them separately. It is also possible to operate all of the window coverings together with voice commands like, “Open all shades” or “Close all shades” with a voice assistant. Once integrated into the smart home hub, it is also possible to operate the shades using more specific commands like, “Open 50%”, “Close 70%”, etc. This level of customization, comfort and convenience is what makes z-wave motorized shades and blinds so popular among homeowners.

Maintaining Smart Shades and Blinds

Smart shades and blinds are absolutely amazing when it comes to our comfort and luxury. However, automation of shades also helps keep the shades sleek and elegant for a longer duration. When shades and blinds are handled/ operated physically, they are usually abused and hence start to lose their charm over a short period of time. Automation of the shades on the other hand, allows us to operate the shades without having to physically push them up or pull the cords. With the press of a button or simple voice commands, the shades open/ close softly and elegantly. It is a treat to the eyes as well as helps in maintaining the shades in good working condition for longer periods of time. As for cleaning the shades and blinds, it is very simple since the shades do not accumulate any dust or mold. They can be cleaned using a cotton cloth or a duster.

Maintaining Smart Shades

Virtual control shades and blinds are not really as daunting and hard to understand as they seem to look. However, even if you face any sort of issue during the installation process, there are always experts that are happy to help. After all, the major selling point of the smart shades is comfort and convenience.

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