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No More Cords to Untangle – Make Your Home Smart with Smart Motorized Shades

Smart Window Covering Ideas

Smart Window Covering Ideas for Smart Homes


Our world is packed in our sweet home where we spend our life happily with our loved ones. We put in so much effort to keep our home clean, beautiful and comfortable. We try to flourish it with all the possible facilities. We sit with our family and invest so much time in deciding wall colors, furniture designs, flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen lighting and many other small to big changes or additions. Technology is impacting a lot of these decisions. As the times move forward, technology moves even more swiftly and helps make our lives simple and better. It has brought the control of our day-to-day household chores just a touch of a button away making our home modern and tech-savvy.

Home automation is something which every other homeowner thinks about. Its nothing new, but smart home technologies has thrust it straight into the spotlight. One of the home techs that is in trend today is smart window coverings.

Windows of your home are the masterpieces which play a significant role in making the ambiance comfortable. They are the source of light entering your home. But how much light? An excess amount of sunlight can make the atmosphere of the home unpleasant and irritating. The harsh glare of the scorching sun and outside noises can create a disturbed ambiance unsuitable for relaxing after work. We bring forth a perfect solution that will allow a gentle amount of light or block all the light for complete darkness as per your needs. Our cost-effective smart window covering solutions serve the purpose efficiently. These remote-controlled blinds and shades can be customized in any size, color, design or texture as per the requirement. We also have the solution for those windows which are too challenging to reach or are too high up. Remote-controlled skylight shades – these are rectangular in shape and come with side tracks that make them easy-to-install.


Why Should You Choose Smart Home Automation Window Blinds and Shades?


1. Walk hand-in-hand with technology

Technology has always been a hot topic. Every day, we hear about a new smart product that can make our life easy breezy. You can observe the updating world around you wherever you go. The future even seems magical with all these smart products. Lets spread some magic in our homes too with home automation products which are very much in trend these days. Make your home intelligent and get control from anywhere, anytime. Implementation of smart window shades can be the very first initiative to make your home a perfect place to relax peacefully. ZebraBlinds is offering cordless blinds and shades at affordable prices and high quality.


Remote Control Window Treatments


2. Easy installation

The iconic windows of your home build a bridge between indoor safety and the wilderness of the outside. Redesigning them doesn’t need much effort. Just add smart window coverings which can be controlled with your smartphones and you are done. Installing them is very easy. These smart motorized shades are made by Graber using 12v motors manufactured by Somfy. They function using home automation radio frequency known as Z-wave which let them connect directly to the Z-wave home automation system. We provide you with a complete manual to help you in installation. You can go through this link – for step-by-step instructions. In case of any confusion, you can reach out to us anytime.


Smart Motorized Shades Installation


3. Smart access

You can easily access these smart cordless blinds and shades using a portable remote. They are the modern window treatments and come with an automatic tilt control with remote control channels and smooth operation. They are the best solution for large size and hard-to-reach windows. They come with multiple power operations and are powered by Somfy RTS motors. You can control more than one smart window blinds together with different remote controls. They are powered by various sources like battery, solar power kits or hardwire plug-in power supply. A very convenient remote control is provided with this which can be operated from anywhere in the room.

Our smart motorized shades can also be accessed by your smartphones with the help of built-in Z-wave chip and antenna. You can program them to position themselves according to weather and time using timers. This feature leads to a substantial amount of energy saving. You can also pair them with Samsung SmartThings and Wink to give voice commands to your shades. This feature requires z-wave hub compatible voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home.


Home Automation Window Blinds



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4. No need of cords

Operating your window coverings with cords is an outdated thing in this modern era of a digital lifestyle. When you have smartphones and smart tablets, why not control your home smartly? For windows which are large and hard to reach, this feature is most suitable. The motors built-in to these window blinds are small and unobtrusive. They are concealed within the headrail giving them a clean look.

5. Cost-Effective

The digital lifestyle makes our life easy and simple without digging a hole in our wallet. People opt for traditional window covering solutions which are cheap but they don’t serve the purpose so efficiently and also doesn’t come with smart features. Investing in smart window covering ideas which makes your home smart and intelligent, which saves energy bills and which keeps the ambiance of your home soothing and pleasant, cannot be too expensive. We provide the best quality and modern window blinds and shades in beautiful designs and patterns. You can also customize them as per the shape and size of your windows. You can select the color shades and textures of these shades as per your home interiors.


Budget Friendly Window Treatments


ZebraBlinds has taken every possible step to help you in deciding the right window coverings to suit the look and need of your home. You can go through our transparent policies. We provide best possible customer service along with supreme quality products. So, start exploring, start shopping and make your home a smart place.


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