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Smart Window Coverings For Any Budget

Smart Window Coverings

Smart Window Coverings For Any Budget


Just imagine how wonderful it might be if all your devices could be connected and operated with the help of the internet. Well, it is no longer a fantasy, as with the evolution of the Internet of Things, the world is pacing towards a smarter future.

Managing the optimum amount of light entering your home along with privacy, all while considering your child’s safety has always been a difficult task. You might be worried about your budget as well, but smart motorized shades are more affordable than ever. Investing in smart home window blinds and shades is always worth the money. Now you can choose and install smart motorized shades and blinds hassle-free as a well-planned investment that suits your budget.


Reasons Why You Should Opt for Smart Window Coverings:


Remote Operated Blinds


  • Convenient – Smart window coverings can be operated with the help of remotes, smartphones, as well as timers that make them easily controllable.

  • Energy Savings – These window coverings can sense the weather and temperature outside and adjust the temperature inside accordingly, therefore reducing your energy consumption.

  • Security Purpose – Even if nobody is at home, with easily programmed schedules, you can create the illusion that somebody is in fact at home.

  • Child’s Safety – Since these coverings do not comprise of hanging cords, there is no risk of your child tampering with it, making it safe for your kids and pets.

  • Adds Value – This smartphone or remote operated blinds and shades are quite popular with house owners as they add significant value to your home.

  • Protection – Smart window coverings can be programmed using timers to position them in a manner so that they protect the furniture, rugs, wooden surfaces and other artifacts from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  • Privacy – Large French doors and windows may look trendy and provide a lovely view but they compromise with the level of privacy you may want. Opting for smart privacy shades for windows will offer you privacy in just a click.


Advantages of Smart Window Coverings:


  • Save more, worry less

Smart window coverings are the type of possessions that may actually put more money in your pockets by helping you to lower your energy bills. You simply need to connect them with the smart hub and set the rules, and the rest is taken care of by them on their own. Set your window coverings to adjust themselves accordingly in both summers as well as winters to provide optimum cooling and heating.


  • Create an illusion

You may be worried all day if your home is not tended to for the entire day or for a couple of weeks when you are away on a vacation. If the movement of the shades is automated using sensors and timers, you can create the effect that someone is at home all day and night long.


  • Absolute Privacy

Smart coverings are a perfect choice if you have windows that are hard to reach and still want privacy. These custom shades and blinds can be adjusted accordingly with the help of remote control or wireless devices while keeping you isolated from nosy neighbors and busy streets.


  • Noise Control

If you are someone who likes to live in a serene and calm environment, then these smart coverings are an apt choice. These automatic shades are specially engineered to operate quietly while they move from one end to another. Therefore you are guaranteed of both comforts as well as privacy at the same time.


How to Control Smart Window Coverings:


These window coverings can be are motorized and can be easily controlled and operated in the following ways.


  • Remote Controls – Almost all of these coverings are equipped with a remote controlling system. They can be easily shifted, raised or lowered by the press of a button. You can also select the specific percentage of shades that need to be opened or closed.

  • Smartphones – If you connect these smart coverings to hubs like Wink and SmartThings with the help of your wireless device or smartphone, you can easily control their system and automate them as well. The shades can be opened or closed with the help of the dimmer switch present inside the app.

  • Hands-Free controlling – Voice commands can also be used to control these motorized blinds and shades. You can automate your coverings by connecting them to voice over commanding options like Alexa and Google Assistant and control them accordingly.


Some Smart Window Coverings at a Glance:

Smart Window Coverings


It already feels amazing to operate your lights, music and television sets with voice commands or wireless devices, but nowadays even window coverings are not lagging behind. Installing them takes not more than five minutes and controlling and operating them is even easier. There are motors that are fitted inside these shades and blinds which do all the functioning like lifting up, lowering down and tilting for you. Some of these can also be controlled with the help of voice options like Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Lutron Serena – Either go for Lutron’s remote control or can also purchase the Caseta smart bridge. They offer support For Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Wink, IFTTT, etc. the blinds can be scheduled to be lowered or raised according to your requirement at certain times of the day.

  • Somfy Systems – One of the most well-known producers of motors for blinds, shades, curtains, drapes, shutters, etc. The company’s ‘my link system’ has its own ios and android application for controlling its motorized blinds and shades. For the best connectivity options and functionality, go for shades with Somfy Z-wave motors which communicate natively with Z-wave and connect directly to your smart hub.

  • Pella Insynctive – Windows and door company Pella has a wide range of smart windows known as Insynctive which features motorized blinds and shades. They can be operated using remote controls and can be connected to hubs like Wink, Nexia, etc. Currently, they cannot be connected to Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT.

  • Soma – One cheap and affordable way to transform your blinds into smart coverings is to install a motor. Sold by a small yet renowned manufacturer known as Soma, now you can reform your house at a cheaper rate. This device by Soma along with the Soma Connect Hub can be used to set schedules for up to 10 windows, the company claims. They can be connected to ios and android apps and can also be operated using Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit as well.

It might be a surprise for many people, but technology can modify and modernize even the most normal or mundane items, including blinds and shades. The innovative field of smart blinds and shades is indeed gaining immense popularity and attention with a lot of people looking to switch over. We may find them to be a bit far too removed from our budget, but nowadays even smart motorized blinds and shades are becoming affordable and easy to buy. They are easy to operate, and control with just a click of the button or even your voice commands, so you can adjust them according to your requirements without actually touching them. Now isn’t that a wonderful thing for everyone!

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