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Smartchoice Motorized Window Shades Canada

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Why to go for remote controlled blinds?

Lately, society has been very busy and moving forward quite quickly, and every day newer technologies and ideas are arriving all over the world. Most people these days control their daily routine through smartphones, IPad or laptops. When it comes to decorating homes, different styles of fashionable window decor make a remarkable change in the appearances of a room. Recently different ranges of exquisite designs and bright colors of window coverings with smart technical controls have become available in the window treatment market.
These high-tech motorized window coverings are very helpful and easy to control from anywhere in the world with the help of our trusty Smart Phones, IPad, etc., the online window treatment store, offers lots of collections of top-notch Motorized window shades and skylight shades with affordable prices. Get the benefits of free shipping to anywhere in Canada and the lifetime limited warranty offered by Graber with durable top-quality motors build by Somfy; which comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Remote Controlled Blinds

Motorized blinds offer you the luxury of operating a blind at the touch of a button. You can tilt open or closed using the remote. Especially when you are just out f a good sleep and feel lazy to get up and operate the blind manually, motorized blinds give you the pleasure of operating them with the remote beside your bed.
These blinds are an ideal choice for hard-to-reach windows. Use a remote to adjust your shades to the height you desire.
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Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings.

A wide variety of contemporarily styled window shades are available these days with motorized lift controls; which makes life easy and comfortable. These smart styles of motorized window shades without any loops or cords are very elegant and also provide an additional buffer of safety for children and pets by eliminating the choking hazard. An additional benefit is provided by the MyLink WiFi system which easily connects to smart devices for ease of use. It can be programmed to automatically control the lifting and closing of the window shades according to the privacy or daylight needed. An additional benefit is that if you forget to close your shades in your morning or evening rush, you simply need to pull your phone, open the app and close it. The five channel motorized control system which is cheaper than the MyLink helps to control the lifting operations of multiple window shades with one remote at the same time from anywhere in the home. The MyLink and five channel remote control are also available for the skylight cellular shades. An alternate system is the Virtual Cord control system which is a low priced motorized control system with a one-touch small remote; it can control only one shade from anywhere in the room up to 65 feet. All these tubular small motors are made by Somfy, which ensures its high quality and long durability.

Various Selections of motorized window coverings.

Motorized Cellular Shades and Pleated Shades.

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The window treatment market has recently seen a number of collections and styles of automated window coverings. Graber and Crown, one of the leading North American window covering manufacturers provide custom- made stylish motorized window coverings. The light filtering, room darkening or Blackout Pleated Shades and Cellular Shades (single cell or double cell)are available with a motorized control system. As mentioned before, Graber provides three ranges of motorized control systems like the Virtual Cord, Five Channel remote or the Mylink system for all the cellular shades and the pleated shades. These stylish Motorized Cellular shades or honeycomb shades and Motorized Pleated shades are very energy efficient and provide a certain level of noise reduction and maintains the temperature of any room. Decorating the windows with this automated shades helps to get a cozy and homely feel. After all the busy, tired life can enjoy a great quiet sleep with the touch of a remote button.

Motorized Skylight Cellular Shades.

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Crown supplies the custom-made automated Cellular skylight shades with five channel remote system and the radio frequency MyLink system. Extensive selections of elegant colors of light filtering and blackout single cell or double cell skylight cellular shades are available. The Mylink control system is very useful especially for the skylight shades that can be programmed to automatically open or close the skylight shades according to the need of the daylight or can be controlled with Smartphones, I-pad or the laptop from anywhere in the world. This automated motorized skylight shade helps to maintain the inside room temperature and reduces energy usages. Enjoy the benefits of Skylight windows with the assistance of this Motorized skylight shades in the extreme weather of Canada.

Motorized Solar Roller Shades and Dual Shades.

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Graber offers countless selections of beautiful designs and delightful colors of Solar Roller shades and Dual Shades with the motorized control system. This brilliant style of automated Solar Roller Shade comes in light filtering, room darkening or the blackout Solar Roller fabrics. All of these are available with the five channel remote control and the radio frequency Mylink system that can be integrated to Smartphones, I-pad or the laptop. These shades are very attractive home décor and help create a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Like the Cellular shades, this solar roller shades are very energy efficient and maintain the room temperature at the extreme winter or the hot summer in Canada. These motorized shades ideal for homes, offices or restaurants, etc.

Motorized Exterior shades.

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When searching for an exterior shade for your home, the custom exterior solar shades from the top end, solar fabrics with the motorized lift control is the right choice. These high-tech automated exterior shades are very elegant and convenient makes a fresh and relaxing outdoor environment in your backyard during the scorch hot summer. Graber provides varieties of attractive colors of different textures of exterior solar shades with motorized five channel remote control system and the radio frequency Mylink control system. These automated exterior shades are available in one percentage and up to twenty-five percentage openness in solar fabrics that protect your home from intense UV- ray damages. The Mylink system which can integrate with Smartphones, I-pad, and laptops make it easy to control the operations of these exterior shades from anywhere in the world. The five-channel control system is convenient to control the shades from anywhere in the home. These automated exterior solar shades are perfect for large wide windows, Patios or sunrooms.

Motorized Roman Shades.

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The Eye-Catching collections and styles of Artisan Roman shades and Natural Roman Shades are custom made by Graber. The Artisan Roman Shade is made with top flight fabrics of silk, cotton, jacquard, etc. with awful designs and bright colors frames a royal touch to the home decor. The Natural Shades are made with the processed bamboo reed, jute etc. with attractive painted colors. These luxurious Roman shades are available in Motorized control lift systems like Radio frequency Mylink configuration system and five channel remote system. Upgrade the home with these motorized Roman shades that are worth for the cost, exquisite and comfortable. Decorate the home with this smart styles of window shades increase the beauty and the value of the home.


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