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Bring Classic Designs and Lively Ambiance with Solar Blinds and Shades

Solar Blinds and Shades

Embrace Interior Trends with Solar Blinds and Shades

Long and bright sunny days are just around the corner. A soft glowing natural light is always eye-soothing, but when it becomes excessive, you started feeling uncomfortable and annoyed. Choose solar blinds and shades that will definitely keep you protected and comfy from the harshness of direct daylight while giving your indoor a new outlook. The shades come within your budget, so you don’t have to compromise with the style or any functionality.

The shades efficiently help protect your furnishings from the damaging UV beams. With various creative design styles and color options, you can create a lively ambiance throughout the décor area. These shades ensure that you get the right amount of privacy during the hot sunny days while making you feel relaxed and energetic. These popular and trendy window shades are fabricated to prevent out the excess heat emitted by the sun, lowering the energy bills. Installing these shades is a smart decision to keep the atmosphere of the home under your control.

Motorized Solar Shades

Learn more about these solar shades and create a dreamy impression by mounting them on your windows!

Reasons to Install Solar Blinds and Shades on Windows

Sunlight is necessary for our daily living style which also improves our health by providing various benefits. But do you know that excess sunlight can cause many health issues? People spend a lot of effort and money on protecting home from unwanted elements. In all these things, most of the homeowners will forget about their doors and windows which are the main reason of letting sunlight and an overheated room. But one smart step will solve the issue instantly – Solar window Shades. They come in various specifications to fulfill all your needs and desires. Their endless benefits will influence you to get the shades immediately without having a second thought. Below are the top functional values that will prove why these shades are best for your interior –

  • Heat Blocking Window Solution – Home window solar screens are basically crafted to obstruct and reflect the daylight and heat that streams through the windows. Increased temperature makes any indoor uncomfortable and difficult to stay in. But solar window shades with their various fabric materials manage to create a comfortable stay for you and your family. The shades slowly diminish the room’s temperature while lowering the energy bills.
  • Protect Valuable Artworks – The shades create a shield against glare and UV rays which can cause damage to your furnishings, floorings, and artworks.
  • Ultimate Privacy – Looking for privacy? The shades provide your room with maximum privacy and protection so that you can spend your quality time in peace and comfort.

Smart Solar Blinds

  • Huge Variety of Fabrics – Solar shades are sophisticated and elegant which come in an assortment of texture and hue collections to match your interior requirements. Color plays an important role in both aesthetics and functionality. Lighter colored window shades help any small space look airy and spacious while dark colored solar shades give your indoor a more moody look. By reflecting the heat and natural light, the shades create a comfy home.
  • Preserve Outside View – The most interesting thing about these window shades is while lowering the shades, you can also have a greater outside view. These amazing window shades come in different openness factors to control the natural light and outside view (1% to 5% and 6% to 14%). If you wish to have more view then select the high openness factor but that will let more light inside your home. For less view and daylight, choose the low openness factor.

Outdoor Roller Solar Shades

  • Smart Operations – Gone are those days when we used to control our shades pulling a chain or cord. But now to make your life easier and more convenient, window specialists have come up with some unique and innovative ideas. Motorized solar shades allow the homeowner to open or shut the shades with the touch of a remote button or touching the smartphones. They are absolutely seamless and look phenomenal on the windows. You can control them using your voice as well through Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice-controlled assistants. These shades are ideal for hard to reach windows where you cannot adjust the shades manually on a daily basis. These shades make things easy and effortless while keeping the kids and pets safe from the strangulation of window cords. Solar shades and blinds create a truly impressive appearance while maintaining versatility, flexibility, and smoothness of operation.

Z-Wave Virtual Cord Solar Shades

  • Easy to Care – If your windows face street side then its quite obvious that it will store more dust and dirt. To keep the shine maintained, it’s suggested to clean them regularly. Take a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt instantly and easily.

Solar shades are an incredible solution to install on your living room, bedroom, and sunroom windows. Day by day, these elegant, modern, sleek window solutions are becoming a fashionable and trendy option in the Canadian home designs. Get your shades today and transform the overall appearance of your interior in the best possible way.

Blackout Solar Shades

A Perfect Solution for Classic Designer Windows!!

Being a homeowner, everyone loves to embrace their summer days staying comfortably inside their home. And solar shades play a major role in protecting you from the harsh weather conditions. Give windows a modern appeal by installing the shades properly. Take measurements and install them with the help of professional experts gives you the ultimate pleasure of relaxation. Order online and get your personalized solar blind at your doorstep without any extra charges.

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