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Don’t Overlook Energy Efficiency in a Fast growing City

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Use Energy Efficient Window dressings.

Well, Surrey is the talk of Canada. Not too long ago, it was known as ‘Seedy Surrey’ – it was gang shootouts and car thefts all the way! Today, Surrey has a new image! One of the largest developments in British Columbia, it is also one of the youngest and most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. Built in what was essentially a forest, Surrey is known as the City of Parks. Already a vibrant and dynamic city, it has been transformed by its ambitious project, The Surrey City Center. And it’s indeed the talk of the town as it has been honoured with the Design Award, 2015, by the Ontario Architects Association (OAA). Break a leg, Surrey!

Seen to be a stimulus for rapid progress, The City Center is the transit hub of Surrey, with seamless access to the sky train and multiple bus routes, justifying that it is the commercial, cultural and social center of the city, and in conjunction with its scenic parkland, it gives Surrey a dynamic downtown tag with world class amenities. That it’s only 40 minutes away from the airport, and it borders the USA to the South only improves its attraction.

The criteria for which the award was given to The City Center are many, among which was the important ‘sustainability’. It was built to achieve the prized LEED Gold Certification, which ensures that water and energy are utilized in ways that do not impact the environment harmfully, which in turn necessitates high standards of indoor air quality. A megamoth shrouded in glass, it is designed to make the most of the sun’s energy. And property prices seem to be skyrocketing around Surrey downtown.

With placid weather and improved infrastructure, the city hopes to welcome new residents to improve its economy – forty new projects are known to have been completed, including residential projects for the young and upwardly mobile, and elderly and infirm, notable among them the d’Corize development, 13555, Gateway Drive, 10822, City Parkway, the Infinity Tower, the Ferguson Townhouse Project, and Laurel place, the senior’s care facility. Exciting stuff!


Renewable Energy Sources.

Window coverings that contribute to the overall performance of a building in terms of controlling light and conserving energy, whether commercial or residential, are hugely important. They provide solutions that reduce the need for artificial lighting and cooling/heating. Solutions from Graber Blinds, Norman and Crown, may contribute to LEED certification. These window fashion enterprises lead the way in meeting the growing demand for safe and sustainable window covering products. They meet the tough and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), the material used in window coverings are GreenGuard and Microban certified, improving the indoor air quality and health of the buildings that use them. The equipment used to manufacture window covering products are designed to use renewable energy that contributes to the safety of the environment, mightily paving the way for newer generations. Almost all the products used in the manufacture of window coverings are a hundred percent recyclable.


Dual Roller Solar Shades.



Dual-Shade-Canada -



The overall well-being of a building’s residents reflects the efficiency of sustainable design, and also impacts the cost benefits provided by window shading that addresses daylighting, heat gain/loss and glare control, not to mention visual aesthetics. The dual solar roller shades are crafted to manage daylight and heat gain during the day with a layer of loosely woven light filtering fabric, and a densely woven light blocking material that block heat loss and view from the exterior during the night, all the while seamlessly blending in with the aesthetics of the interiors. Both fabrics are suspended from the same roller headrail, but with different control cords. The Solar Shades fabric, made by Phifer, is designed for efficient light management that blocks the glare and deflects solar heat gain, creating a comfortable indoor temperature that reduces the load on the HVAC system, allowing it to be turned off if windows are operable. The openness factor of the fabrics serves as a guide that tells you how much of the sun it will block – a 5% openness factor will prevent 95% of the transmittance; the color dictates how much of the heat will be absorbed or reflected, and how much of the view will be inhibited – a dark fabric will absorb heat but offer an excellent view whereas a light colored fabric will reflect more of the sunlight but block the view to an extent. Use light colored fabrics with 10-15% openness for use during the day and a dark fabric with 0-5 % openness for use at night.


Blackout Cellular Shades.

While dual roller solar shades are wonderful options for use in common areas, they don’t offer the best privacy for bedrooms. Cellular shades provide the best option for privacy and insulation. For extreme weather, opt for the double layered variety that will trap a dual air layer to block heat transfer from a room out or vice versa. And the blackout version, lined with Mylar on the insides of the cells, come with light blocking side tracks that absorb any seeping ambient light and air between the shade and the walls; it also and mutes external noises quite effectively. This offers 100% privacy, blackout and insulation you won’t complain about! And the best sleep possible, day or night!

As the scramble is on to own property in the refreshed Surrey, don’t neglect your windows. Go for the sensible but endlessly appealing options that offer the best interior comfort.


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