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How Best To Use Natural Light without Damaging Your Interiors

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Damaging natural sunlight.


“I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year. “Victor Borge

I agree with Victor Borge on the savings, but there is more to natural light than just savings. I am a daylight person, and nothing said against it has bothered me much. I know that most of the people, even those who consider it a skin cancer risk, develop a bounce in their steps with the arrival of spring. I am yet to meet a person who has a bright smile and spring in his steps on a dark sunless day. You may care to differ with me, but I know that natural light has a great impact on our emotional well-being. At least, it has for me. I function better when I am in natural light. It helps me work more vigorously, concentrate without being distracted, and stay alert with higher energy levels.

When you love natural light as much as I do, you may opt for larger windows for your home like I did a decade ago. Windows were the easiest way to bring in natural sunlight into my home and my life. Within a year, I realized that they bring in a lot of natural heat as well, which is welcome in winter but can be uncomfortable during the hotter seasons. Unfortunately, my east and west facing windows had direct sunlight streaming in on my leather furniture and expensive Persian carpet, causing considerable damage to them. Though I didn’t notice it initially, I did find fade streaks on some of my furniture, where the sunlight directly fell on them. My quest for the natural energy of sunlight was damaging my interiors, especially when the sunlight streamed in straight onto my expensive interior elements. Hence, I decided to opt for Solar Shades to have the best of both worlds.



Motorized- Exterior-Solar-Shade-Canada -


Motorized Exterior Shade:


First, I decided to have my patio and deck covered with LightWeaves Exterior Solar Shades so that I could comfortably wallow in the natural light while being protected from intense sunlight and excessive heat. The motorized window shades option made it easy to operate them to suit my own convenience. I could feel the change in the interior atmosphere immediately. The exterior solar shades blocked the intense sunlight even before it touched my windows in the area covered by it. But there were other areas in my sprawling home that needed different considerations altogether.

In my enthusiasm to let natural sunlight in, I had ignored the effect it would have when I wanted to watch television during daytime. The glare gave me a tough time, not only when I was watching television, but also while I was gaming or working online. So I paid attention to my room which hosted these gadgets that kept me connected to the world. The windows in this room were long and broad, and I needed a window treatment that was ideal for such windows. Solar Roller shades were the right solution for me. They were conveniently available in the dimensions of 54 inch, 78 inch and 96 inch which were just perfect for my requirement.

I was fascinated with the mesh-like structure of these solar shades that ensured nearly 85-90 percent blockage of harmful UV rays entering my home. The Chocolate color exterior solar shades added to the aesthetic value of my room as well. You know what I loved the most? They came with great installation instructions and hardware that made them a pleasure to install.

What a great pleasure it was for me to discover the solar roller shades, made of screen material that allowed me to have stellar view of the outside world, brought natural light into my home but cut down the glare on my gadgets and protected them from harsh sunlight. They effectively filtered the sunlight without blocking my view of the outside. For a light obsessed person like me, solar shades are a boon. They not only controlled the sunlight streaming in; they insulated my rooms against heat gain during the summer and absorbed heat and kept it in during the winter, creating a cozy atmosphere inside my home.

With the 10% LightWeaves Graber Outdoor Solar Shades, I had a wide variety of color options, and fabric selections to match up to the decor in different rooms. The technologically innovative shades were made of either vinyl and polyester blends or fiberglass and vinyl blends. The GreenGuard and Microban certifications assured me of their safety in my home. I found out that these shades release low levels of volatile chemicals and have been tested for over 10,000 volatile organic compounds. They do not breed bacteria, fungus or molds and remain clean for a long time.

I chose solar shades because they met my need for my modern interiors and lighting impeccably. I would never opt for regular roller shades that would block my view of outside world because that made me very uncomfortable. At night, my privacy is not compromised due to my solar shades because I live in a wooded suburb; and also that it doesn’t bother me much at the moment. If and when I need more privacy, I will combine it with another window treatment.

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