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Solar Shades Control the Glaring Sun; Blackout Shades Create Darkness: Which One is Best for Your Home?

Solar Shades vs Blackout Shades

Solar Shades Vs Blackout Shades

Every home has it’s own requirements and style as per the choice of homeowners. People put a lot of effort and spend a lot of money on designing or redesigning their homes. They implement many things in their home to make it the best in looks as well as in functionality. From buying expensive furniture to selecting wall colors and wallpapers, from crockery to photo frames, from smart television to flooring, a perfect home requires too many permutations and combinations. In all these implementations, people tend to forget a basic thing which makes or breaks the ambiance of any place – light. Light is a very important component which enhances the overall look of the home. All these implementations seem dull and less attractive if there won’t be the perfect amount of light.


What is the source of light in your home? Windows and doors. You can’t keep them shut all the time. Windows are the masterpieces of your home which are mostly overlooked by homeowners when they design or redesign their home. Upgrading your windows and making them stylish and smart will instantly change the look of your home. It’s not always necessary to break your bank for enhancing the look of your home. Some smart steps and implementations can serve your purposes while staying under budget. ZebraBlinds has come up with smart and effective solutions for your windows and doors – Window blinds and shades. Curtains and drapes are an outdated trend which can be replaced by our latest collection of window blinds and shades. Now, these window coverings come in various specifications and can also be customized as per your needs and choices.


When the purpose is mainly to control the amount of light and harsh glare of the sun, then two most-suitable options can be considered – Solar shades and Blackout shades. Both window treatments have their own purpose and usage. Now, it depends on the homeowner that which one suits for his/her home the best. Before deciding on any one of them, you should know the benefits and uses of both. Let’s start with solar shades first.


Enjoy the Sunlight at Home with Solar Shades


Sunlight is necessary for the health of your family but an excess amount of it may damage your furniture, floor, and even your skin. Direct UV radiations increase the temperature of your home making it uncomfortable and hot. Our sun blocking window treatments absorb these harmful rays letting in a perfect and soothing amount of sunlight entering your home. This will make the ambiance comfortable and relaxing. With Solar Shades, you can enjoy the sunlight at home without becoming too uncomfortable.


Benefits of Solar Shades


1. Energy-efficient: Implementation of Solar Shades will reduce the requirement of air conditioning. They will keep the temperature of inside cool and comfortable by blocking the sun rays. Lesser usage of AC leads to lesser energy bills.

When going motorized, you can take advantage of solar power to power these shades. These solar powered motorized blinds are the best solution to shield your home from the glaring sun along with saving energy bills.

Smart Solar Roller Shades


2.Reduction of heat gain: They not only block the harsh glare of the sun but also absorb the heat of UV radiations. This protects your home from outside weather. You can enjoy the outside view by adjusting the opacity level of these shades. You can install them inside as well as outside. Install our premium quality Graber exterior solar shades if you wish to make your backyard cozy and relaxing.

 Graber Exterior Solar Shades

3.Contemporary styling: Along with functionality, these solar shades also enhance the look of your room. They add a touch of elegance to your home décor. They are a perfect replacement for your outdated curtains and drapes.


4. Privacy and light control: Privacy remains a major concern for people who have patio doors or large windows at home. Solar shades come in all sizes and shapes. These are best blinds for privacy and light both. Implementing these will let you get rid of sneak peeks. You can adjust the angle and opacity level as per your need or time of the day.


5. Usage of sunscreen material: We offer superior quality custom blinds online Canada which can be customized as per the need and taste of homeowners. They are crafted from top-notch sunscreen material which perfectly absorbs the UV radiations and protects your home. You can choose the color, texture and pattern of the material by exploring our products catalog.

Solar Shades


Solar shades are the most-suitable solution recommended for those who are looking to control the sun rays and light entering their home. These are like a filter which block the excess light and let the natural light merge with artificial light creating a perfect ambiance.


The Darker The Room, The Better The Sleep – Blackout Shades


Darkness is a very important factor on which your quality of sleep depends and sleep is a very important factor on which your health depends. A sound and undisturbed sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle. But, for people who have rotational shifts at work or who work from home, the harsh glare of the sun creates a very uncomfortable atmosphere at home. They can’t sleep comfortably and without disturbance when the sun is over their head raising the temperature. ZebraBlinds has solved this problem by introducing cost-effective Blackout Shades. These shades block all the sunlight making your room dark and perfect for a sound sleep even during the day. These window coverings not only block the light but also lower the temperature, creating a soothing ambiance where you can sleep or work or study. They come in various specifications of colors, textures, materials, functionality, shapes, and sizes. Get these shades customized as per your needs.


Benefits of Blackout Shades


1.Complete Darkness: These sun blocking window treatments block the UV radiations completely and make your room super-dark. You can sleep, work or study without getting any trouble from outside weather. These even block the disturbing noises from outside. So, you can also get rid of your noisy neighbors by getting these installed on your windows or doors.


2.Easy to install, operate, clean and maintain: You can install these window shades on your own or you can take help of our experts too. You just have to follow some simple instructions and get proper measurements. They come with cords and without cords. It depends on your choice and budget which one you opt for. Cordless blackout shades can be operated via a remote, your smartphone or home automation hubs. You can also give voice commands to your window coverings. These are also easy to clean just like any other household.

 Cordless Blackout Shades


3. Contribute in Savings: As they maintain the temperature of your home, there will be less usage of air conditioners. This will lower your energy bills. This is a nature-friendly solution to shield your home from harsh weather conditions.


4. Best for privacy: These are the best window blinds for privacy as they block the light and view both. You don’t have to worry about sneak peeks and security of your home.

 Smart Motorized Blackout Shades


5. Affordable: Air conditioners are a costly affair but blackout window blinds come under your budget and customization options as well. These window coverings are effective and are a worthy investment. You can get them customized as per your need and budget.


So, now you know about both kinds of window coverings. It depends on your needs and preferences which one you will opt for. For further clarification or any kind of query, you can always get in touch with our professionals which will guide you well. Order online from ZebraBlinds and get your personalized blinds and shades at your doorstep without any extra charges.


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