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Making the Best of Living in High Rise Buildings


“Divorce is never a pleasant experience. You look upon it as a failure. But I learned to be a different person once we broke up. Sometimes you learn more from failure than you do from success.”
Michael Crawford

When Laura initiated our divorce, I was devastated. I had worked hard to be successful in school, college, and also my career, but here, failure stared me in my face. I had failed to hold my family together. I was hurt that Laura took the decision on her own, which left me with a feeling of being abandoned rather than being separated. I cannot explain the heaviness in my heart or the pain I experienced as I walked away from my family, my children, my wife, and my home. The worst part of the divorce was that, even though I had lost everything, including a big chunk of my savings and my home, Laura was the one who got all the sympathy cards and calls. Somehow, people still believe that men are less in need of the comfort and support that a stable relationship provides, but I know otherwise. Somehow, I am quite reluctant to talk about it or seek help. Even though I knew it was coming, it was a terrible day when our divorce was finalized.

Thrown out of my beautiful home that I had bought and decorated with great love, I had to find a place to live. I decided to buy an apartment in a high-rise building so that I could move away and above the pain and suffering I was going through. If I was going to live alone, I had to make the best use of it by choosing a right nest for me to live in. I started house hunting as a part of revamping my life once again. Finding a high-rise apartment in Toronto was not difficult, but finding one within my budget was. With a little help from my friend Raymond, I found the perfect place to settle down. Laura never wanted to live in a crowded place, the reason which I had to commute to work for hours every day. But in the end, nothing I ever did to please her mattered. Now I was free to pick up a place very close to my office.

Since my new home is located in in premium neighborhood, it was expensive, but I could manage it because I did not need a large home anymore. Moreover, the new place gave me walking access to great restaurants, public transportation and my place of employment, which would save me some bucks in the long run. I also had access to gyms, pools and public meeting rooms. My home had a large window that looked towards the skyline of my city. Privacy was not my concern anymore since I lived alone and also there was no way someone would fly high up here to just peek inside my home. For peaceful sleep, I installed a blackout shades on my bedroom windows but I had no plans for the windows in the rest of my home.



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Initially, I thought of leaving the large window bare for enjoying the view, but the sunlight cast glares inside the apartment, making it difficult for me to watch TV, use the computer or any other gadgets with a digital display. Also, there was the danger of the harmful effects of the UV rays I would be exposed to, besides exposing my interiors and furnishings to fading. I decided to install the Graber sheer solar shades that would control heat and glare without taking away the magnificent view I had from my window. The fabric of the LightWeaves Sheer roller shades transmits light, allowing a clear view of what lies beyond; people and objects are visible outside along with of the beautiful skyline of Toronto. The view was breathtaking when the city was lighted up after sundown.

I loved the modern and chic appearance of LightWeaves Solar Shades, which could conveniently block out UV rays and yet would allow light inside my home. Moreover, I was very pleased with the soft fabric that maintained a view to the outside, instead of blocking it out. I did not have to worry that certain shapes and images could be seen from outside when the sun went down, at this height. These shades had everything I required, since they helped me maintain an outward view, minimized glare on televisions and other digital screens, blocked damaging UV rays and also reduced the temperature considerably. I got the motorized shades because even though I would live alone, my daughter would be visiting me often and I did not want the danger of cords lurking in my home.
With the dark mood and emotional trauma I was in, having bright light shining in my apartment made an enormous difference to my life. I needed the pleasant ambiance and comfort of a cozy home to keep me going. I missed my family, especially my lovely daughter Genie, so much. I was looking forward to the weekend, when she would come over to spend two nights here. It would be amazing to watch the stars, or read books sitting beside my window with my daughter. I am very sure that she would love the view out of the high rise building. The thought of it brought a wide smile to my face after a long time. At the moment when I was smiling, I realized the bitter truth that we never appreciate the value of what we have until we lose it. How often I remained immersed in my work when I could have spent some quality time with my family! Divorce is an eye opener for me because now I will always treasure the time I will get to spend with my daughter and make it the best for her.




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