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Its almost here!


“Spring is going to come,” chief meteorologist Chris Scott said of this long-range forecast for March, April and May. “It’s just going to be a bit delayed across the East. What’s happened is a big part of what’s to come,” he said. “March is a winter month.”

The spring-like weather is due to start later for most, and remain colder than usual. – The

Hey, the writing’s on the wall! The time of the year we’ve been waiting for with bated breath. Even though it promises to be an frigid spring in Canada. Soon, we’ll have to turn the clocks forward, on 8th March, to be precise! And we’d have sprung forward! Are our homes prepared for the more active months biting at our heels?

Check your HVAC/HRV.


It’s just as important to check your home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) system in spring as it is in fall. R-2000 homes use HRV’s (heat recovery ventilators). Replace or clean filters and see that your a/c is up to scratch well before the summer sun hits your home.

Caulk and clean your windows.


Check the caulking around windows and doors that may have broken apart due to contractions induced by the extreme cold. Redo the caulking to seal off potential air leaks – warm air from inside, cold air from out – that reduces the efficiency of the HVAC/HRV system. Give your windows a thorough wash down and wipe down all window frames and cornices.

A good old-fashioned spring cleaning.


Hey now! Many people are excited by this, many dread it! Consider it a new beginning, if you will. Wouldn’t a sparkling home, prepared for higher footfall, be more conducive to peace than one that’s not? It’s a good time to get heavy duty bedding and quilts laundered and stowed away in airtight bags. Call in the cleaners for some big-time carpet and upholstery cleaning. Send heavy-duty drapes out for dry cleaning, and spring forward with lighter bed linen, carpeting and window covering.

The common sense approach to combat allergies.


Yes, with spring soon here, it’s time to stock up on the antihistamines. Apart from cleaning or replacing the filters of the HVAC system, getting all the dust mite traps cleaned and stowed away, it also makes sense to throw open windows during some part of the day as there’s no remedy like a blow-through of fresh breeze and bright sunlight to clear away the lingering traces of existing allergens from the long and closed-off winter spell. Be sure to use dust masks while vacuuming to avoid inhaling the backflow from the vacuum cleaner.

Types of window coverings you can use.


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If you don’t plan on changing the existing window covering, give it a thorough cleaning. Vacuum and wipe down those that you can, dismantle others and clean as thoroughly as you can, keeping in mind the cleaning instructions to be followed. Dry clean those fabric coverings you can’t manage on your own. Blinds and shutters can be wiped down and polished, and as always, the faux wood blinds and vinyl window coverings are the most easily cleaned. If you plan to go for a change of scene, wood/faux wood blinds are wonderful options to go for as they blend into any interior style, and for that extra pizzazz, team them with floor length sheer curtains that pick out upholstery accents. Wood blinds win every time in my book, as shades need to be raised to let in appropriate amounts of light, compromising on privacy most of the time. Ditto drapes, as they need to be pulled to the sides for optimum light and view, and unless teamed with sheers, they would also compromise privacy. But blinds can allow required amounts of light and air in without having to raise them, with just a turn of the wand to adjust the slats, with no comprised privacy either, Today, the vanes of blinds, like those from Norman, can be timed and motorized to let in optimal amounts of light, which would in turn save you on power consumption!

Colors of the season.


Window-Scarf-Canada -

Whatever the window covering you opt for, dress them up in the colors of Spring. The Pantone color of the season is Marsala – a warm and seductive shade of purple that is said to enrich our body and soul to give out confident appeal! Having said that, one could never go wrong with pastels in spring – the gentle colors that reflect the budding glory of the season. Beautiful lime greens, pale yellows, sky blues, rose pinks and mauves. Blacks and whites. Dress your window blinds with a sexy scarf valance to pick out any pastel shade in your room, even if it’s the green of the trees outside! And pastels sheers to team with your shades or drapes! You won’t go far wrong if you use water colors to stencil light airy scenes or foliage around wall mirrors or windows with plain coverings to add sprightliness to your interiors! Add floral throw cushions in pastels to your beds, sofas, and those upholstered window seats, along with some fresh cut flowers, and voila! We’re ready to tango!

As Canada is still mostly white outside, pastels are it for decor! Keep your windows clean and shades, blinds and drapery functioning at peak levels for peace of mind while lowering your power consumption at the same time!


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