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SPRINGS WINDOW FASHIONS – Exceeding Expectations

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Whenever one walks into a house (or any building for that matter), be it the ambiance lent by the light streaming in or the expanse perceived due to the artful framing of the exterior, windows create lasting impressions about a room. So many analogies about windows in life – the romantic comedy, ‘A Room With a View’ by EM Foster starts off with a rendering of two sisters being given a room with an uninteresting view, during their visit to Florence in Italy; ‘The eyes are the window to your soul’, a Shakespearean line that bespeaks the illusion of a view, be it inward or outward; Bastiat’s Parable of the Broken Window, ‘That Which is Seen and That Which is Unseen’, also known as ‘the broken window fallacy’, an economic view of how opportunity costs. Shall I go on about the importance of windows? I’ve just touched on the tip of the iceberg…..




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“Let there be light,” said God in Genesis. So says Springs Window Fashions, an organization that provides the best experience of viewing the outdoors, allowing people to enhance their environments, by providing the best in window shading through innovation, green practices, and safety. It’s said that ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’, and so it was with John Graber, back in 1939, in Middleton, Wisconsin – having installed Venetian window blinds behind the drapery over some of his windows, the effect was just not right, with the panels slouching at the ends. So, he came up with this handcrafted metal drapery crane that would hold the drapery panels up evenly for a balanced look at the ends. Word got around about this invention, and it wasn’t long before that he was taking orders for his ‘Badger Crane’ from across the Midwest, which saw Badger Crane Drapery Hardware go into full-scale production. An adjustable device, the badger crane, was the first of its kind that solved the problem posed by the drooping of drapery end panels. With the onset of WW2, wood replaced metal since there was a shortage of the materials available. Today, of course, the Badger Crane is no more in use, but the company has experienced many milestones and expanded many times over, and still remains committed to its initial commitment to associates and customers. In the early 70’s, Graber Blinds Co. substantially expanded to offer Vertical Window Blinds to its customers, and not long after, started the manufacture of Horizontal Blinds.

Once they were bought over by Springs Mills in 1979, they started the production of pleated shades. In ’89, Springs Window Fashions (SWF) acquired the window covering brand, ‘Bali’, at their half-century milestone. Always committed to keeping their prices reasonable, they started contract manufacturing in Mexico, where labour was substantially cheaper, and in 1999, ‘Nanik’ is added to their repertoire of brands, to find growth in wood blinds sector. Now with the acquisition of ‘Horizons Window Fashions’, they’ve added custom shades and soft treatments to their already vast collection of window dressings, making them a leader in the 50 billion dollar home decor industry.





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Springs Window Fashions believes that the right window dressing can improve he energy efficiency of a home or building, for e.g., the Bali cellular shades traps insulating layers of air, reducing heat transfer, whether from inside or from out. You can combine the energy efficiency of these shades with motorized controls that lets you program when your window treatments open and close, allowing the blinds or shades to become part of an effortless heating and cooling system. And with an array of styles and colors to choose from, there’s no compromising on decor for energy efficiency!


It’s crucial that the window treatment that you choose caters to optimal lighting need in your home. Springs Window Fashions offers you solutions for diffused light streaming in through a shade, enough to prevent bleaching of interiors, as with roller solar shades, Roman, or natural shades; or redirection of light, as with shutters or Venetian blinds; or complete light blockage to provide peaceful slumber to the lightest of sleepers, as with blackout cellular shades. Be it from Bali, or from Graber Blinds, or from Nanik, Springs Window Fashions has a solution for you.


Situated right in the center of the basswood region in Grayling, Michigan, The Springs Window Fashions manufacturing plant uses the renewable basswood in manufacturing their blinds. A hardwood that’s a renewable resource, basswood is light-weight and stable, which means that the end product doesn’t twist or bend easily. This manufacturing plant is arguably the only one that hauls their own lumber from the sawmills to be kiln-dried and treated to retain the optimal moisture content required in the manufacture of wooden blinds, undergoing stringent quality checks at every juncture that allows them control over the quality of blinds they put out. All rejects, cardboard, and the sawdust produced by their machines use are stored responsibly and fed into their boiler systems used to heat pre-dryers and kilns, saving them on the precious fuel used while ensuring that the waste is not fed into a landfill, creating the best experience not only for clients, but also the environment. SWF continues to build upon a strong history of social responsibility while working towards a ‘green’ future – many of SWF’s solar shades are made of the GreenGuard certified Phifer fabrics, and others that are OEKO-TEX certified. SWF products are registered to be used in the Green Built Home Projects completed in conjunction with WEI. SWF is also a member of the EPA that helps drive their energy conservation initiatives that has resulted in their saving of 90 million gallons of water annually!

Kudos to the Springs Window Fashion enterprise!


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