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Stay Cool and Eco-Friendly With Natural Grass Weave Blinds

Stay Cool and Eco-Friendly With Natural Grass Weave Blinds

If there is anything that communities have learned over the last several years, it is that we need to be a little more mindful and appreciative of everything that the Earth has made available to us. In order to preserve the environment and take a positive step towards ensuring a long-lasting ecosystem, many industries have been shifting towards manufacturing eco-friendly products and using environmentally friendly means of production. The window treatment industry has made massive strides in this direction and these products have not only carved out a niche in the market, but have witnessed high demand because they have proven themselves to be just as reliable as conventional window treatments.

The benefits of eco-friendly products can be put into perspective. Firstly, they make for healthier options. Conventional window treatments are fashioned out of PVC or other forms of plastic. Additionally, eco-friendly products are fully recyclable and will not constitute non-biodegradable waste. You can make sure these window treatments are recycled by your seller or you can find your own way to repurpose them. Lastly, the use of these eco-friendly window treatments can be energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint to a large extent.

Amongst these eco-friendly window treatments, grass weave blinds have garnered a lot of traction over the last few years. This is because of the eco-friendly nature of grass weave blinds, and also because of their ability to provide adequate features with respect to light control, privacy and insulation in different designs.

Different Iterations of Natural Grass Weave Blinds and Their Features

Natural Grass Weave Blinds are blinds that are fashioned out of natural materials opposed to artificial manufacturing. They include a vast variety of natural materials, which is why they are broadly classified under one single category as natural grass weave blinds. Listed below are some types of natural grass weave blinds:

1.  Natural or real wooden blinds – Natural wooden blinds are arguably the most popular type of blinds that have ‘natural materials’ as components. The manufacturing process is not marred with means of production that cause pollution.

Although real wooden blinds are often substituted with faux wooden blinds, wooden blinds continue to have a large presence in the market due to their ability to offer light control and privacy.

2. Woven Sheer Shades – Grass woven sheer shades are made out of an interesting and unique variety of natural materials. This includes grass cloth, bamboo, bamboo reed and jute. These are woven together to create a fabric that can filter the sunlight (to curb the harshness of the rays). These shades have the unique ability of allowing sunlight in while still blocking enough of it to make it less harsh. Given the materials and the manufacturing process, it is evident that these shades are extremely eco-friendly and are your ideal candidates if you want your home to have a rustic look or a cabin-like feel.

3. Bamboo Blinds – Bamboo as a raw component of architectural features have become quite common, and bamboo blinds can be confidently added to that list. Bamboo blinds provide all the conventional benefits of window treatments such as light filtration, privacy and insulation. But there are also certain features that form the subject of unique benefits with bamboo blinds. For instance, they are very easy to maintain. You don’t have to incur any extra cost to clean them. The labour costs are also diminished. Additionally, they are also on the lighter side of things, making them easy to lift and handle.

4. Jute and Bamboo Roller Blinds – Jute is another type of natural material that is used for making window treatments. This is because they can be woven easily into long threads. A combination of Jute and Bamboo woven together makes for a durable and long-lasting fabric. You can consider these blinds if you’re looking for cost-friendly and affordable option to use. Use of these natural materials can guarantee a fulfilling and sombre aesthetic that can work quite well anywhere. They are highly recommended for larger windows and sliding glass doors.

5. Grass Woven Shades – Conventional Grass Woven Shades are rising in demand not only because of their eco-friendly nature, but also because they provide a natural look that accentuates a home. They have become popular window treatments for living rooms (especially ones that overlook gardens) and kitchens because they can filter light. They also come in different finishes and have pleasing texture as well. They have commendable privacy features as well.


Switching to eco-friendly options are becoming the norm of the day. Considering the environmental implications of appliances and accessories, it is extremely important that the shift to environmentally friendly options is faster and encouraged in every field and market. The options discussed above are also affordable and cost-effective. You have ample options to choose from to figure out what is best for your home.

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