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Step by Step Guide – How to Hang Mini Blinds?

Aluminum Mini Blinds

How to Hang Mini Blinds? Follow the Easy Guidelines for a Hassle Free Installation


Mini blinds are also known as Aluminum Venetian Blinds which are the best option for your entire home decor if you are on a budget. These moisture and water resistant window blinds are the perfect window solution for many homeowners. These PVC mini blinds are the best choice when it comes to privacy but when you open them, they will offer you the best outside view with natural light and air. But before you purchase them, there are many questions to consider. Why should you purchase PVC mini blinds? How to hang mini blinds? Where should you install mini blinds – inside mount or outside mount? We’ll help you answer those questions and more below.


How to Hang Mini Blinds?


Rather than spending big bucks to get someone to install your window blinds for you, why not do it yourself? Follow the below steps to hang mini blinds smoothly and effortlessly.

  • Get Ready With the Proper Tools and Hardware

If you don’t want to get distracted during the time of installation make sure that you have all the tools ready. All you need is a drill, screwdriver, anchors, level, measuring tape, and a ladder.


Window Treatment Installation Kit


  • Read the Installation Guidelines Properly

Before you start, read the instructions provided with the products so that you can do it yourself. If you require any help you can go through our DIY videos or contact our customer care executives. They will help you to install your products accurately.

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  • Measure Your Windows First

Before you purchase your window treatments, measure them properly so you get the right covering with exact measurements. But first, think about whether you want to put your window shade inside the window frame or outside of the window frame. Inside mounts are great for highlighting attractive moldings or giving your window a clean, simple look. Outside mounts offer more privacy and can hide unattractive windows.


Measuring Aluminum Mini Blinds

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  • Install the Brackets

First, hold the blinds up at the desired location and then take a pencil to mark the place where you want to install the brackets. Now mount the brackets over the pencil marks and attach them with the screws.


Installing Aluminum Mini Blinds


  • Add Valance Clips

Attach valance clips to the top rail of your blinds. Make sure the short side should go across the top of the headrail and the long side will face into the room.

  • Your Blinds Are Ready to Use

Now slide the blinds rail into the brackets and snap them shut. Snap the valance cover into the clips to cover up the brackets. Now you can adjust your blinds however you want.


Advantages of Installing Aluminum Mini Blinds


There are so many reasons for choosing Aluminum Blinds for your windows. Such as:

Economically Priced

When it comes to decorating your windows with high quality but low priced window blinds, these blinds are the ideal choice. In the market of window fashion, Aluminum mini blinds are some of the most cost-effective options which means that they are cheaper blinds than most other window coverings.

Different Vane Sizes

These PVC mini blinds are available in different vane or slat sizes which include 1 inch and 2-inch slat sizes. These vanes are responsible for allowing natural light inside your room and a better outside view. If you go for larger vane size, then you will get a better view through your window blinds. Larger vanes mean there will be a larger space between two slats and when you open them, they will enhance the amount of light coming through as well as the view.

Various Style Factors

Aluminum blinds are available in a variety of styles, colors, textures, and patterns, along with different vane or slat sizes. Choose them according to your style and preferences. Customize your product so that it will be the best fit for your room. You will also find cordless features for these blinds, which ensures that they are safe for your kids and pets.

These mini blinds offer great light and heat control along with moderate privacy. Order mini blinds to get them at an affordable price at ZebraBlinds.


When you purchase superior quality aluminum blinds from ZebraBlinds, they will guarantee you that they will last longer because of their high durability. They are moisture and water resistant, making them the perfect choice for high humidity spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning or installing these blinds, the procedure is very simple and easy. You can simply clean them with a vacuum cleaner or use a damp cloth.

Apart from these benefits, aluminum blinds do have some drawbacks too. For example, these blinds are made of metal; they can be noisy in the windows. The slats are easy to bend. Some may not like the look of aluminum blinds. So before you decide, know the pros and cons of these blinds before purchasing.


Thinking about Window Blinds Installation Cost?


Installing new window mini blinds can provide you with better light control and privacy. But if you are on a budget, you might be thinking about the installation cost. Well, it depends on three things – number and size of windows, place of the window, and window style. With the help of our guidelines, you can easily install them without the help of any installers. In this way, you can save some money.


Contact Our Design Experts for More Information!!


Installing window treatments is not an easy task but with the proper instructions and help you can do it. But if you are not sure, contact us for help and install them yourself like a pro.

So what are you waiting for? Buy these mini blinds online at the lowest prices as we offer the best deals on products. Not sure which one to choose? Order free samples to get the perfect style. You can customize your products with our help and get free delivery to your home.

If you have any questions related to installation or anything else, you can comment in the below section. Our customer service team will be happy to help you with all your queries.

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