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How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your Blind’s Lift Issue

Window Blinds Lift Problems

Follow Simple Steps to Solve Window Blinds Lift Problems

Window blinds are nowadays a perfect replacement for old-fashioned curtains and drapes. They enhance the look of your home, along with blocking excess sunrays and hard glare. Window blinds provide a neat and clean look to your interiors, making them modern and sophisticated. They are an essential component of your home that needs proper maintenance and cleaning. Supreme quality window blinds are lightweight, easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to operate. But sometimes, you may experience difficulty in your window covering’s lift system. When they wear and tear, the inclination might be to simply replace them, but by investing a bit of time, you can fix the damaged or entangled window blinds.


Common Problems with Window Blinds

The problems with window blinds can be because of many reasons, like manufacturing defects, heat or humidity effects, careless handling, low maintenance, etc. These problems are irritating and can end up digging a hole in your budget. By following simple instructions, you can fix your window blinds easily by yourself, or our experts can also guide you. Here are the problems you may be facing and how to resolve them.


Difficulty in Lowering Them Down

Sometimes, window blinds get stuck and you are unable to lower them down. This is a common problem which can be resolved easily. You just have to level the lift cords even with the headrail and then pull them to release the cord lock. In case you are not able to release the cord lock, insert a small pin inside the cord lock mechanism. Take a butter knife or flathead screwdriver and push the pin. These simple steps can release the slats, easily solving the problem.


Difficulty in Raising Them Up

The best way to have easy lift window shades is resetting the cordless mechanism. This trick works most of the time. Follow these steps:

  • Lower the shade down as far as it is able to go. Do not forcefully try to lower them as this can break them.

  • Pull the shade out at 45-degree angle towards yourself by holding the bottom rail. Be cautious while pulling the shade as too much force can break the cord inside.

  • Keep testing the shade if it has started working.

  • Raise the shade now to the highest possible point.

  • Repeat the steps 4-5 times if you notice even a little bit of response. Gradually, your shade will raise completely without facing any trouble.


Easy Lift Window shades


Slats Won’t Tilt Perfectly

Sometimes a blind may have difficulty tilting its slats. Slats stop moving, but the tilt rod still twists. In this case, change the location of the metal rod. Place it in the headrail – for this, you may have to remove the blind from the window. After locating the metal rod, find the tilt mechanism and push the tilt rod back into it. This method will make your blinds tilt properly.


Replacement of Broken Slats

If the slats of the blind are broken, then also you don’t need to worry. There is no need for full replacement. You can replace the individual slats to fix your window blinds. For that, first you need to remove the blind from the window and then remove the wand from the blind. Now, remove the metal end brace or plastic cap from the headrail. After removing the tilt rod from the wand tilter, snap the tilter back into place after replacing it. To line up the slats, turn the tilter shaft. Before replacing the brace/cap, you need to push the rod back through the tilter.


How to Fix Broken Slats


String Ladders Adjustment

A metal crimp, which is attached to the top of the string ladders, is inserted into the opening on the top of the headrail. This opening is responsible of holding the crimp securely in place. Moving the metal crimp to the wider opening will lead to its removal, releasing the ladder from the headrail. For adjusting the position, tie a knot in the ladder or move the crimp. You can also implement additional crimps for position adjustments. Now, to secure the crimp in place, insert it into the opening and move it to the narrow opening.


Stuck Cords

It’s very irritating when the cords get stuck in between and don’t move in either of the direction. To fix this problem, you need to remove the control end cap and start tapping gently the opposite end of the headrail. Now, loosen the push nut for smooth operation of the mechanism.


Broken Window Slats


Inward Pull of Shades on Itself

This problem is quite common if you are not maintaining your window blinds gently. The inward pull in window blinds end up making them open up and fold unevenly. People replace the cords of the blinds to solve this problem but it is not the actual cause. This problem is due to the lack of weight in the bottom edge. By slipping in a long wood dowel into the rod pocket at the bottom, you will be able to pull up and fold the window blinds neatly and easily.


Broken cords

Some window blinds have delicate cords like roman shades. They have cords as fine as 0.9 mm. These cords look elegant but they need to be handled with extra care. They will not stand up to much pulling or hard pulling. To know the condition of the cords, you need to first check the metal eyelets. If you notice rough spots, which can cause cord wear, then replace the eyelets or restring the lifting loops with the new string. Worn out cords won’t be able to handle much pulling which will lead you to take down the entire blind and restring it.


These are some common problems you may be facing with your window covering ideas, but by simply following the appropriate steps, you can fix the window blinds by yourself. For any further assistance or help, you can always reach out to our experts. They are professionals and understand the problem more precisely. They will guide you perfectly, giving the most suitable and cost-effective solution.


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