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Stuck at Home? Make Sure It’s a Smart Home!

Stuck at Home? Make Sure It's a Smart Home!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last six months, you know exactly why you’re stuck in your home. And while working from home is a spectacular way to keep busy, it doesn’t necessarily alleviate the possibility of going stir-crazy. So how do you propose to counter this COVID-19 Quarantine where you’re stuck at home surrounded by chores and things you need to do? The answer is actually quite simple. While the Jetsons robot maid is still a far cry from the smart cleaning and home maintenance technology we currently possess, the benefits of smart blinds for a smart home in a work-from-home situation are simply too great to ignore.

A smart home is one that is designed to operate itself. While it does seem to be a single entity by itself, a smart home is in fact a collection of smart products that work together on the same platform. For example: If you’ve wired your lights and your smart blinds or smart shades to an app on your phone, you will find that you are quite capable of controlling most of the light and heat absorption in your home. Among the most important smart elements of your home would be your window coverings. This is because while other elements of your smart home focus on altering or improving the internal atmosphere, your smart blinds or smart shades are actually more oriented toward controlling external factors in a way that you can accept. A smart home opens up possibilities you never had before: Like setting up a fun scary stage show for the children; or lowering the blinds for a more private, romantic setting with your partner, to even just controlling your home’s smart appliances because you’re bored!
Smart Z-Wave Shades

Smart Homes Have Types!

While they don’t necessarily have large differences, smart homes do vary based on the kind of technology used and how it is rigged up. The old (and sometimes still used) tech involved radio frequencies, while newer tech tends to use newer protocols such as Z-wave. If you’re stuck at home, have an abundance of free time, and require a challenge: We suggest you go right ahead and set up z-wave based technology for your smart home. However, if you plan on controlling your blinds from your phone you might need a hub that will help you convert Z-waves to a form of communication your phone app can receive. While Z-wave tech does have its limitations, if you’ve got the experience needed to handle such a system then you can theoretically set up hundreds of lights and blinds and other devices to a single basic network.

It is also possible to go another route when looking for smart home appliances. Sometimes its best to just use direct wifi motors that come with a tougher price-tag, but you’ll find that the “smart” in this smart appliance is actually formidable. While wifi motors offer a greatly reduced total of controllable points, they are still more than adequate for any home or basic office space. With smart shades like these, you can simply lower the blind halfway to keep the sun just out of your eyes while maintaining a warm room to sleep in during spring. You could even schedule your blinds and lights and make it look like an entertaining event with the touch of your phone.
Smart Home

In Conclusion:

Smart homes would be a boon for anyone stuck at home in quarantine. Smart homes are designed to be extremely liveable and incredibly useful for most purposes. If you put some time, money, and effort into it, your home could actually be capable of taking care of all your needs with a single swipe. We suggest you start with the window coverings as they take care of basic needs such as lighting, insulation, and privacy. Experts from online vendors like Zebrablinds will be sure to help you achieve your holistic goal of creating the perfect smart home to spend all day in. And if you’re wondering what kind of smart products you’re looking for, simply ask yourself this: What do I hate doing that can be done by something or someone else? And you’ll find that life is much easier when you start from there.

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