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Stylish Elegance of Blackout Roller Shades

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Why You Should Choose Blackout Roller Shades


“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” – Desiderius Erasmus

What if you do not want the darkness to disappear? What if you want to catch a few more winks but the light seeping through your windows wakes you up? You don’t have to fret and fume anymore, because with blackout roller shades, you can chase away the light and loll in darkness as long as you want to. Blackout Roller Shades can easily darken any room – they’re equipped with sidetracks that blocks light leakage, ensuring a pleasantly dark environment conducive to sleep. They are excellent for homes with, nurseries or any room that has light sensitive equipment like your AV system.

Apart from preventing light infiltration, blackout roller shades are good insulators that prevent temperature fluctuations. Blackout shades cut down on air-conditioning costs in the summer by keeping your room cool. On the other hand, they reduce the heating needs of your home by preventing the escape of heat during chilly weather.

Why Roller Blackout Shades?


Bright rooms are pleasant, but streaming sunlight can be a nuisance in many ways – it can interfere with your sleep, especially when days are longer in the summer; its UV rays can damage your interiors and increases the risk of skin cancer; and, it heats up your rooms to uncomfortable levels. Blackout roller shades are excellent providers of complete darkness in the interiors even when the sun is scorching your outdoors, protecting you and your home from harmful UV rays. It also keeps your room cool and calm by insulating it against the heat from the outdoor. It can cancel out sounds streaming in from outdoors as well.

There are more pros than cons when it comes to the sleek, chic looking Roller Blackout Shades that add significant aesthetic advantage for your decor. With their minimalistic look, they go well with small as well as large spaces with equal ease. You do not have to worry about allergens, dust or emissions that can pose a health hazard to you.

Roller Blackout Shades – Features.



 Graber-Blackout-Roller-Shade-Canada -



An excellent choice for room blackout is the LightWeaves Blackout Roller Shades that define light control perfectly made by Graber Blinds. Their durability due to the PVC/Fiberglass/Polyester blends makes them a good choice for highly humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The broad spectrum of color options they’re available in makes them an excellent choice for your living room as well. They pick up accents from any decor scheme from the many color options like Essential Ivory, Essential Denim, Essential Classic White, Essential Taupe, Eventide Calming, Eventide Graphite, Eventide Morning and Eventide Restful White to suit your interiors while sporting white backings for the side that faces the street. These stylish graceful shades have the capability to block out all the UV rays, giving you the ultimate light control. Made of 3-ply fabrics, they are Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are emitted during their usage in your homes.

Another popular blackout shade is brought to you by Crown, a brand name known for their high-quality window treatments. Crown Cordless Blackout Roller Shades can enhance your interior decor to a great extent with its extremely stunning appearance while serving its practical purpose. They are available in beige, black, cream, gray, hunter green, linen, navy, and white color options that can blend in with any color scheme of you room. You can opt for either inside mount or outside mount for these shades. Their cordless function makes them easy to operate with no impending danger of strangulation for children or pets at home. The eco-friendly shades have negligible lead content, assuring you that your interiors will be free of toxins or harmful chemicals that pose a health hazard. Taking safety a step further, these shades are flame and fire (RF) resistant, and the PVC laminated base increases their durability a great deal. They shaded white on the side facing the window while giving allowing for flexibility of colors on interiors.

If you are searching for sturdy and lightweight roller blackout shades, then the Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades are right for you. Made from high-quality vinyl, these shades give you optimum privacy since they are made of 12 mil blackout layers of vinyl. They are available in the shades of cream, gray, and white. The installation of these shades (which come with all the necessary hardware included) is so easy that you can do it yourself. They are available in various sizes that can easily fit all standard windows, and can be customized for large and oddly shaped windows. The cordless operation gives you safe, convenient, and stress-free functioning of the shades. They are easy to clean and maintain, and to top it all they come with a three-year Limited Lifetime Warranty as well.

The Style Factor.


The highly functional blackout shades are not boring anymore. Roller blackout shades may be used alone, or in combination with draperies or solar shades, depending on your personal style and requirement. With innovative technology being applied to make window coverings an important decorative element in interior decor, you have roller blackout shades in different opacity levels, colors, patterns and fabric textures. You have practical function, style, elegance, and classic beauty all in one. No matter what time of the day it is outside or where you live, you can create a perfect retreat for yourself in your room.

When paired with Sheer Curtains, blackout roller shades provide you the option of having complete privacy and light blockage when desired, while lighting up your room with beautiful diffused light when you need it. Give your home a stylish new look by installing roller blackout shades of your choice and reward yourself with peaceful sleep whenever you desire it.



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