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2-Faux-Wood-Blinds-Canada -

2-Faux-Wood-Blinds-Canada -


Considering the important function that a bathroom serves makes it such an integral part of our homes. Our day begins in it and ends in it. A hot, invigorating bath gets us going for the rest of the day. So much happens in that span of time. Routines are planned, and ideas are born. Was it not Archimedes the great Greek mathematician and scientist who leaped out of his bath shouting “Eureka, I got it”? So much of ‘me’ time happens in there. A relaxing shower with gratification for a fruitful day, fresh agendas for the next day. It’s all happening inside there. A lot of has to do with the kind of mood that your bathroom creates. Tiled walls, skid free floorings and sleek gadgets in smooth operation are appealing to the senses. While all looks well on the surface, there could be the threat of humidity, mold, mildew and grout all looming in the dark. This is when they scream for attention and become causes of concern.





The biggest problems that bathrooms are facing today is humidity. Humidity is caused when too much water vapor accumulates in our homes.
Hot showers and baths are the main sources of increased humidity in bathrooms. Today’s homes are built in such a way that they are much ‘tighter’. Cold air cannot enter into them.Warm air that accumulates inside gets locked in. With no proper outlets for it in bathrooms, it condenses back into water once it hits the cooler surfaces available. Water vapor can also seep through walls when it gets forced in there due to its vapor pressure. Condensation of water vapor accounts for humidity in bathrooms and other dangers related to it such as the build-up of mold and mildew.




The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) sites some of the causes for humidity in bathrooms –

Too much moisture in bathrooms from hot baths and showers.
No bathroom fans fitted or not being used.
Uninsulated fan ducts.
Leaky plumbing and plumbing leakage through walls.
Dampness from wet bath mats, towels, and drying clothes.
Inadequate ventilation.
Temperatures kept too low.
Uninsulated vent ducts.
Uninsulated toilet tanks.
Backdraft damper on fan housing inadequate.





Movement of air in a bathroom is the best and only solution to humidity. Good ventilation is important in bathrooms that experience high levels of humidity and moisture. A proper mechanical ventilation maintains good air quality too.
In hassle free bathrooms with no problems of leakage from plumbing, common sense and a few extra minutes spent on it, can keep dampness and humidity at bay. Besides getting an exhaust fan installed in your bathroom if one has not been already fitted in, investing in an additional small fan helps keep the air dry. Whisking the water away from the walls of the shower area with a squeegee after every shower helps to get rid of moisture that will flow down the drain. Stretch the shower curtain taut after a shower to allow water droplets to evaporate more readily. Showering with a door left open will keep moisture away from a windowless bathroom. Take short showers. Decluttering the bathroom means a lot fewer surfaces for water to cling to. Hang towels outside the bathroom to dry. Shake yourself dry before toweling off, and the towel will not be so wet, besides harboring less humidity.





With moisture retention and humidity in mind, choosing window treatments for bathrooms deserves caution.
Faux Wood blinds in Canada have the look and glamor of real wood but are made of composites of plastic. This makes them resistant to moisture as well as warping and a good choice for bathroom window treatment. Light and privacy levels are easily controlled by tilting the slats. The only disadvantage is their weight that may not work out well with large bathroom windows.

There are 2 inch and 21/2inch Faux wood blinds offered by Graber and Crown that are recommended for use in high moisture areas like bathrooms. They are manufactured from foamed PVC and Vinyl which imparts to them the qualities of humidity resistance, dust resistance and stain resistance. They do not warp, peel, crack or split due to moisture.

Features like No Holes option from Graber ensures maximum privacy for the indoors by eliminating route holes for their cords.
The 2 inch Faux Wood Blinds in Canada offered by Graber enables optimum blind closure for maximum privacy and an innovative SureClose feature locks the blinds tight at any horizontal level for different levels of privacy.

The 2 inch Faux Wood Blinds Essential Plus from Norman have undergone 2000 hours of UV testing for colorfastness. Insta Lock system and Smart Privacy feature allow optimum blind closure for optimum privacy.

Besides being strong and durable Aluminum blinds undergo a special painting process that makes them dust, scratch, and stain resistant. It keeps them mold and mildew free and can be easily cleaned. Special features like Tight Ladder Spacing and Clutch Wand Tilt add to their appeal. There is Graber’s 1” Aluminum Classic, Insignia and Supreme that are recommended for high humidity areas as well as a 1” Aluminum Privacy blind from Crown without route holes for maximum privacy. Cordless and Motorized options allow easy access to them in windows on high walls or over bathtubs.

Cellular shades are durable, withstand water and moisture and can be easily cleaned with a sponge. They are available in Light Filtering and Blackout options in a single cell, Double cell as well as Triple cell layers. Not only do they provide incredible insulation but a perfect balance of privacy and light control. The TopDown/BottomUp Cordless Cellular Shade from Crown allows us to use the bathroom without being seen. It provides plenty of ventilation to beat the problem of moisture build-up. Lower the shade from the top to allow natural light while the bottom shade stays in a lowered position to provide privacy.

Roman shades in varied colors and textures have a combination of easy operation, durability, and resistance to heat and moisture that makes them suitable for bathroom treatments. Cordless Lifting option makes handling the shade more hygienic and keeps it dirt free.
Woodlore Norman Engineered Shutters are suitable for high humidity areas. They are made of composite wood, and the polypropylene coating prevents moisture absorption. It resists cupping, warping and twisting.




A clean and dry bathroom, with suitable window treatments, is the ultimate in form and function. Happy bathing.


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