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Summer Blind Options For Sliding Glass Doors That Give Privacy and Block Light

Summer Blind For Sliding-Glass-Doors-That-Give Privacy and Block Light

Summer can be very harsh and brutal in many parts of the world. The sweltering heat and the unforgiving bright sun can make it hard to step out. Being inside the home during the summer heat can be tough too. Most homes that have to face harsh summers tend to install air conditioners to make their homes much comfier. But one side effect of running the A.C for a long period of time is the unbelievably high electricity bill. The energy consumed by the air conditioners, coolers or fans can be too high. The need of the hour is to make sure that the house is protected from the harsh sun in ways that keep the energy bill low too.

One way to have a cool and cozy home without burning a hole in your budget is to choose suitable window treatments. Windows are apertures in your house’s walls that let in light, air and heat. They also let in the harmful UV rays of the sun inside too. Proper choice of window dressings can make a huge difference in the house’s livability. If you have sliding glass doors in your house, you might want to look for blind options for sliding glass doors too. This is because sliding glass doors tend to let in large amounts of sunlight and heat through the sliding glass doors when compared to the windows in your home. It also lets in a lot of UV rays that can be harmful to your family and also to the valuable décor items in your home. This makes it very important to choose the perfect window dressings for your sliding glass doors this summer.

Why Are Blinds a Good Option For Summer?

• Blinds are highly reflective and are known to reduce the heat in the room considerably well when they are kept fully closed.
• The slats of the blinds are adjustable and can be set to deflect the sunlight.
• Blinds can be adjusted to let in enough sunlight without causing a glare or causing the room’s heat to go up.
• Blinds can give you control over the amount of light and ventilation in a given room. This is a feature that is not always available in other kinds of window dressings.
• You can control the slats of the blinds according to the privacy levels that you are comfortable with. You can keep it closed if you want complete privacy or you can let the blinds be open if the room is not private like the hallways or the living rooms.
Horizontal Shades for Sliding Doors

Blind Options for Your Glass Sliding Doors in the Summer

• Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular types off blinds out there. Vertical blinds have vertical slats that can be moved side to side to open or close the blinds. They come in a huge range of fabrics, colors and textures. Blackout fabrics are the best to provide you the best heat reduction. They will also help you reduce the glare of the sunlight. They are wonderful window treatments for your sliding glass doors. This is the case especially if you don’t use the sliding glass doors for foot traffic and use them only for the view outside. If you are using the sliding glass doors in a passage of a busy traffic area, vertical blinds may not work as well for you. There are other blind options for sliding glass doors.
Sheer Vertical Blinds Sliding Glass Door

• Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are beautiful and classy to be used on a sliding glass door. There are wood and aluminum venetian blinds that you can choose from. The slat sizes can be chosen depending on your taste and needs. Both the aluminum and the wood blinds can give you great heat protection. But it is best to choose aluminum ones as the wood Venetian blinds can wrap in the high-intensity heat of the summer. The aluminum slats come in a variety of colors and you can choose one that suits your décor. The slats can be tilted and can be used to perfectly control the amount of light and heat you want to let in. When perfectly configured, it will work just as well as the blackout blinds made with the fabrics.
Aluminum Venetian Blinds Sliding Door

• Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great option for your sliding glass doors in the summer. The simple mechanism of roller blinds is great at blocking out the sun as they are just one single piece of fabric over the door. The roller blinds can be made from a variety of fabrics. A blackout fabric can help you provide complete privacy to the room and keep it cool at the same time. You can get blackout fabrics for the roller blinds in a variety of prints and colors. So, you can choose one that goes perfectly with your décor.
Roller Blinds for Sliding Glass Door

• Vision Blinds

Vision blinds are a combination of roller blinds and the Venetian blinds. They can keep your house cool while preserving the level of privacy in your room. These are also called the day and night blinds. These have a dual-layer that can provide heat reduction along with privacy. All you need to do is to move them slightly to either close them completely or keep them slightly open or completely open depending on your choice. You can choose from a variety of colors and fabrics. It is even available in blackout material that can keep your home really cool. You can choose the motorized version to avoid cords and strangulation hazards if you have kids or pets in your home.

• Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are one of the most perfect blind options for sliding glass doors. These blinds can move with your sliding door. This makes them ideal for sliding glass doors that see a lot of foot traffic through them. They can completely block the sun if you need to. It also has a neat and clean design. As it fits into the glass doors, it gives a tidy and classy look to the room.

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