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Sun Porch Window Treatments for Summer Season

Sun Porch Window Treatments

Sun Porch Window Treatments to Spruce Up Your Sunroom


With summer fast approaching, this is the time of the year when we need to beautify our sun porch areas. The sunroom is a room usually attached to our home, which allows us to enjoy natural light while maintaining privacy. Generally, people use this room as a reading room or just to relax.

Summer is the ideal time to appreciate your sunroom. No matter what the temperature or the weather outside is, you can enjoy the natural view from your own comfort zone without compromising privacy by having Sun Porch Window Treatments.


One disadvantage of having a sunroom is the summer heat. Relaxing behind those big windows in your sunroom is easy until the room gets too warm because of the excess sunlight and heat. Because of that heat, your air-conditioning bill will usually be higher with a sunroom than normal.


But with our best sun porch window treatments, you can easily overcome this problem.


Use Sun Porch Window Treatments to Keep a Sunroom Cooler During the Summer Season


As an outdoor area, porches sometimes get neglected, so we’ve gathered some window coverings to make your summer porch the place to be.

#1. Be Colorful with Your Windows

If you want to brighten up your sunroom windows, then put some colors on your sunroom shades and blinds. Try to match your windows color with your wall decor that will give your room a polished and finished look.

#2. Hang Curtains


Hanging Curtains in Sunroom


Curtains are the popular choice for your sunroom windows as they will help you to control light and keep the heat out in the time of summer. Choose from our best fabric curtains that add texture to a room and will give you the same feeling of beauty from both inside and outside.

To keep your sunroom cool and comfortable all summer long, use lightweight and bright color curtains.

#3. Install Shutters for Sunroom

If you have enough margins between your big windows, window shutters are the best choice for light blockage and privacy.

#4. Install Window Blinds to Protect Your Room

There are a lot of window blind choices you can choose for your sunroom. You can mount them inside or outside of the window frame. Sunroom blinds offer you more benefits than the other types of window treatments. You can open or tilt them up or down to control the light and heat. Even with blinds, you can change the direction and amount of sunlight coming in. You can choose from Vertical blinds or Faux Wood Blinds for your sunroom.


Faux Wood Blinds in Sunroom


The slats of the vertical blinds offer excellent light control and block out the harmful UV rays. These blinds create a barrier from the sun for your health and your furniture. Faux wood blinds also offer you light control and privacy. You can choose the cordless option for a sleeker look and better functionality.

#5. Install Window Shades in Sunroom

For your sunroom window treatment ideas, you can go for sunroom shades such as – Solar Shades or Roman shades. These shades are both practical and stylish. Because of these window shades, natural light will come through your windows but harmful UV rays and glare will still be blocked.


Roller Solar Shades for Sunroom


You can adjust the shades to let in the different amount of sunlight. Use them for privacy during the day while still letting some light in. And if you want to make your sunroom smart and modern, then go for motorized window shades that will allow them to work automatically with the push of a remote control button.

You can choose Roman Shades with a blackout liner for privacy or a thermal liner for better insulation. Otherwise, choose Solar Shades if you want to block some light and still maintain your view. The amount of light filtering and how much you’ll be able to see through the windows depends on the openness factor. High openness percentages (6% to 14%) will give you the best outside view and let in more light.

#5. Exterior Solar Shades for Sunroom


Exterior Solar Shades for Sunroom


If you want to keep your sunroom cool then Exterior Solar shades or Outdoor Shades are an excellent choice that will complement your entire decor. These shades will protect you and your furniture from the harmful UV rays and heat. These shades will help your room to control the temperature by blocking the outside heat.

#6. Choose Insulating Window Shades for a Cooler Sunroom

During the month of summer, your room will get hotter because of the excess solar heat that will increase your energy bills. Choose from our best insulating shades, Cellular Honeycomb shades, that stop the heat but gently diffuse the excess light into your home. The air pockets inside these shades will create a barrier against heat, cold, and noise pollution. These energy efficient shades prevent too much heat gain during the summer and will help you save on your energy bills.

You can choose from the top down or motorized features for more sunlight control and a better view at the same time.

#7. Choose Insulated Drapes or Blackout Window Shades

Keeping your sunroom cool in the summer is a big problem, and in that case, instead of sunroom shades and blinds, you could even install insulated drapes or blackout shades. They will completely block the sunlight and the view from the sunroom.


Contact Us to Decorate Your Sunroom Windows!

Summer is the perfect time to update your home decor. If you want to enjoy the natural light and outside view, then choose from our best ZebraBlinds sun porch window treatments. While shopping, you can enjoy the various benefits offered by us such as – free shipping, free samples, easy customization, and great deals on all our products.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us. We will help make your day easier!

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