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Tackling the Problems of Window Treatments Deftly

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Troubleshooting: Bull’s-eye

“Never try to solve all the problems at once — make them line up for you one-by-one”.
Richard Sloma

When we have products, it is normal to expect tiny troubles that come along with them. From vacuum cleaners, air-conditioners, computers, washing machines, stoves to window treatments, we’ve had glitches with them at one time or other. Some of them could be major problems that have to be fixed by a trained professional, but there are times when a simple correction method can solve the issue. Just the other day my mobile was acting crazy and I could not place any calls. For a moment, I panicked but then I relaxed for a moment. I thought calmly about what I should do instead of futilely trying to connect the call. I switched off my phone, removed the battery for almost a minute. Once I was sure all the functions were dead, I revived my phone. Lo-behold, it pretended as though nothing had happened and I could place my calls again. This is what I call a simple form of randomly shooting at your problems and hitting bull’s-eye.
Troubleshooting is nothing but a simple process of diagnosing the source of a problem and taking a shot at fixing it. The basic rule of troubleshooting is that you start with the most general and often most obvious possible problems, and then narrow it down to more specific issues. When it comes to a window treatment, there are simple guidelines that can solve many of the issues you face without having to seek professional help. Your window treatments will come with a manual that has a “Troubleshooting” section. If you purchase your product online, check out the troubleshooting section on the website. This section contains a list of potential problems, with the ideal and simple solutions provided for you to try out.
If you visit the troubleshooting section of the Zebrablinds website, you will find simple ways to solve problems you may face with your window treatments. Let us take a look at some of the general problems faced by the customers and how to troubleshoot the issues –


Crinkled Fabric

Crinkled fabric can take away the visual appeal of a vertical cellular shade. The simple solution you can try to fix this problem is to handle the fabric as per instructions and operate the shade several times. The fabric will regain its orientation.



Cord Length

When you are not satisfied with the cord length, you can shorten the Control Cord on Shades with the Smart pull Control Option in simple easy steps. All the tools you need for the fix is a pair of scissors and a marker.
1. Determine desired cord length and mark cord length with a marker.
2. Slide tassel and plastic washer above mark.
3. Cut the cord on the mark with scissors.
4. Tie cord into a figure 8 knot and secure it tightly
6. Slide tassel over knot.
There, you are done!


Shade Fraying or not Hanging Level with Smart pull or Cordless control


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Uneven shades can spoil the aesthetic appeal of window shades. Let us make sure our window treatments are hanging in perfect tandem.


  • Check the straightness of the shade with a carpenter’s level and adjust the mounting brackets.
  • Raise shade completely, then remove shade from installation brackets by pushing up on the clear piece in the bracket and roll the top of the cassette valance towards the room
  • Push tab (front tab) towards the room and hold while rotating screwdriver to lower shade until the tube can be seen
  • Apply a ¾” piece of masking tape to the tube on the opposite side of the telescope/frayed cord.
  • Push tab (front tab) towards the room and hold while rotating screwdriver to raise shade until tube can be seen.
  • Reinstall shade into installation brackets. Rest backer bar on bottom of brackets, then rotate up until shade snaps in place.
  • Check to see if shade is level by placing a carpenter’s level on top of the hem bar. Repeat steps as necessary until shade hangs level.
  • Now you don’t have to worry anymore about the uneven shades spoiling the beauty of your décor.


When the Slats in Your Blinds Refuse To Tilt

Looks like a complicated problem but all you need to fix this issue with your window blinds is a Flathead screwdriver. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the issue.



  • If possible, tilt the slats horizontally. Lift and lock the slats in the raised position. Remove the blind from the mounting brackets by pushing the tab on the bracket away from the blind.
  • Slide the tilt rod completely into the tilter mechanism. The tilt rod will be inserted so you can see it on both sides of the tilter mechanism.
  • Make sure the mounting hardware is not interfering with the tilt components. If necessary, reposition brackets or valance clips if applicable so no components are obstructed.
  • Be sure the tape drum is completely pressed down onto the tilt rod.
  • The tab on the tilter should be on the top.
  • If the tab is not to the top, remove end cap at opposite end of tilter. Slide the tilt rod out of tilter mechanism. Reposition the tilt mechanism.
  • Note: Turn the tilter stem and the tab at the same time to reposition the tab to the top.
  • Keeping the blind level, reinsert the tilt rod
  • Tilt the slats to make sure the blind operates properly.
  • Reinstall blind in brackets. Reinstall valance in clips if applicable.
  • That should have your slats moving smoothly once again.



Adjusting the Length of Cellular Shades

It could be frustrating to have cellular shades that do not fit in properly on your windows. But don’t worry. You can troubleshoot the problem in most cases without hassle.



  • To shorten the shade, just slide plastic stop tassel up on the cord.
  • To increase the length, slide plastic stop tassel down on the cord.
  • More tips if shade is not lowering to ordered length –
    Allow fabric to relax by hanging the shade for 2-3 days. If the shade has been hanging for 2-3 days and it is still not the correct length, gently rub the front of the shade in an up and down motion. If this still does not work, adjust the cord length by using steps 1 & 2. Additional weights for bottom rail are available which can be of great help.


To Correct Bowing Bottom-rail of Cordless Cellular or Pleated Shades


How to fix the problem of a bottom-rail bowing when in the raised position? Not a big deal.

You need two handles on all shades 48” in width and greater. If two handles are not being used, add the additional handle to the shade.
Position handles toward the end of the bottom-rail as far as you can comfortably reach. Raise and lower shade slowly to vent air in the cells.
If bottom-rail is still bowing, operate shade about half way, readjust hand position and continue to raise.
Note: Air is trapped within the cells and when raised is forced out the open ends. If raised too fast, displacing this air generates resistance that prevents the ends from stacking tight and giving the bowing appearance to the bottom-rail.

So, you can troubleshoot of your window treatment problems deftly, without professional help. These are just few of the examples of how troubleshooting works. Many other simple issues can be fixed with equal ease. Do not hesitate to contact your dealer or read through the instructions provided by the product on the website to solve simple problems for smooth functioning of your window treatments.



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