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Are Cellular Shades Waterproof?

Are Cellular Shades Waterproof

Window coverings are a versatile home décor element. They serve multiple purposes that include extensive heat insulation, light control, and effective protection against dust, glare, and UV exposure. These window coverings also do well in the way they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home décor. This versatility combined with their durability is one of the main reasons why window…

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PVC vs Aluminum Blinds – Which is Better?

PVC vs Aluminum Blinds

Blinds are an elegant and effective way of dressing up the windows in your house. From heat insulation to light control, to glare reduction and protection against UV exposure, blinds provide a multitude of advantages that make them a valuable addition to the household. Blinds are versatile, easy to install, and are available in various price categories. While blinds are…

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Faux Wood, Aluminum, and Real Wood – Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Kinds Of Blinds

Different Kinds Of Blinds

Blinds have long been a popular window treatment options across households. With a rich and long history, blinds are just as much a part of the culture as these are an integral part of our daily lives. Over time, blinds have seen many innovations, adaptations, and modifications that resulted in the large variety of blinds that we have at our…

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Window Dressings – Natural, Artificial or a Combination?

Window-Shutters-Canada -

Window Dressings – Natural, Artificial or a Combination? Windows need treatment if they are bare or if existing dressings need replacement. The process of door and window dressings, though last in the list of activities of home beautification, is the final touch. This final touch can transform an interior into a labor of beauty and convenience. To use an analogy,…

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