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Audio Video Room Darkening window coverings in Canada. Spring break is over, and soon, summer hols will be here, along with the numerous demands made by kids, including a constant supply of food, TV, gaming and activity outside of the home. Of course, a popular way to keep kids entertained is to send them off to camp – wildlife camps,…

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It Is Never Too Late To Take the First Step

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“I guess I don’t really believe in retirement. I believe in shorter days and maybe in weekends!” – Alice Waters I wasn’t one of those people who looked forward to retirement in Vancouver, British Columbia. I enjoyed going to work every day of the week so that I deserved to relax during the weekend. I did not have any elaborate…

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Automated Homes with Smart Window Treatments

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Automatic Window Blinds, Shades and Shutters Elbert Hubbard announced, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”. Besides making life easier, smart windows with motorized window coverings bring your interiors simplicity, safety, and of course, style. How sophisticated you look when you control all your window coverings with…

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Phifer SheerWeaves Fabrics the Solar Shades Fabrics

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Cutting edge technology of magic weaves of Phifer Sheerweaves fabrics for Solar Shades.   Why should you use Phifer fabrics for your window coverings? A good question, but tough to answer, because it is not easy to list out the advantages of Phifer fabrics. Phifer Incorporated has been a leader in manufacturing energy saving and sun control fabrics, in addition…

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Custom made Roman Shades in Canada. Aging is definitely a difficult process, judging by the differences to our body’s looks – muscle tone declining, graying hair and balding heads, failing eyesight. And not to mention a reduced output, whether the speed with which we walk, the quick reflexes of youth or the energy to go on like a clockwork toy!…

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Technology made automatic shades cheaper, easy to install and easy to use. It’s mystifying that man has made such tremendous inroads in the world of technology; Why! We’ve even begun the process of occupying mars, practically the netherworld!! Because, as a species, we are a lazy lot, aren’t we? Given a choice, we’d rather sleep in every morning. We’d be…

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Fabric Roman Shades – Elegance & Beauty Rolled In one

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Roman Shades drapes and shades are combined. Once upon a time, when the sunlight filtering through a large window started interfering with his afternoon siesta, an exasperated Roman decided to do something about it. He hung a piece of cloth from a pole to filter the light. This did not help since the piece of cloth kept dancing to the…

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DO-IT-YOURSELVES viz. CUSTOM ROMAN BLIND If you’re a hardcore fan of fabric, but tired of the looks of drapery, Roman blind is THE most viable option to go for. Enough of the masses of fabric trailing on the floor, catching dust and spewing out allergens…a Roman shade is a tailored panel of fabric that can be fitted into the recess…

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Eco-Friendly Window Coverings in Canada

Window Coverings in Canada

Eco-Friendly Window Coverings in Canada   The question uppermost everybody’s mind is how to create ‘sustainable’ green living spaces, more so because one can cash in on carbon credits accrued annually. Green cars, green buildings, green products, organic food, and clothing – the list can stretch on. But what does it mean to ‘go green’? Well, not rocket science. Going…

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Blackout Window Coverings are must during this winter!

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Read and understand the blackout window coverings is a must during this winter! Thanksgiving has gone already, and you missed the chance to celebrate it with a different tone. Oh! That’s sad, but don’t miss this opportunity where you have a lot of surprises waiting for you at Let’s enjoy your winter season with blackout window coverings and know…

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