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Rolling with the shades or diy roman shades

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Rolling With The Shades or DIY Roman Shades Many homeowners love shades on their windows as a great alternative to the overflowing drapes and the clunky blinds or shutter. Shades offer the soft elegance of drapes and the perfect fit coverage of traditional blinds or shutters. Now picking the right shade or DIY roman shades requires some good thought. Beyond…

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When winter comes, Insulate your home with cellular window shades

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Insulating cellular window shades for Canada Snow storms, just when we were savoring the colorful transition of fall brings to mind that idiomatic observation of Percy B Shelly. The least expected, the sudden dip in temperature to mid-winter levels has focused attention to insulating the home against every eventuality, including the not-so-rare-these-days dreaded power grid failure. So what can we…

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The Future is Here for Automatic Window Coverings!

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Cars used to be square before they became sleek. They had crank up windows, Radio machines that played cassettes, and the speakers that took most of the dashboard. Now we have cars from the Sci-Fi section. They talk to you, make calls for you, automatically lock a door and open windows. We even have cars only need gas refills once…

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