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Window Décor for Creative Upselling – Roman Shades Canada

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Roman Shades to the Rescue Working to supplement tuition is tough, and most students on scholarships or burdened by student loans will testify to this often bleak fact. My parents, both doctors, have moved back east while they’re still young enough to make the transition. My sister and I are both students – she has begun her medical studies while…

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Rolling Down Windows – The Roller Shades in Canada

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Mechanism of spring loaded blinds A spring roller shade consists a hollow tube that consists of a spring inside. When tension of the shade is increased when the roller shade is pulled down. If you stop pulling down the roller shade, a ratchet and pin hold the tension on the spring on one of the ends of the roller shade.…

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Window treatment and the Mosquito menace

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Mosquito explosion prompts larviciding in Winnipeg     WINNIPEG – Mosquito numbers have rocketed and the city plans to resume its battle with the pesky critters Tuesday. The City of Winnipeg’s mosquito traps held an average of 40 mosquitoes Monday, up from nine on Friday. The highest mosquito numbers are in the city’s southwest, where the average trap count was…

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The Different Hues of Forbidden Puppy Love – Dual Roller Shades

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Aided and Abetted by Shades. According to semiotics, it is said that windows are a spiritual portal through which the soul can roam but, for Addison, well into her teens, from Capreol a cozy mining town in Ontario, Canada, spiritual quests were the last thing on her mind. Apart from the occasional horoscope query that focused mainly on romantic opportunities,…

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Blackout Roller Shades Canada

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: THE CATCH WORD. In today’s modern world the word ‘energy efficiency’ stands out boldly. The earth-friendly lot see it as the red light on top of an ambulance with its incessant whirring. The more energy efficient a product, the happier the user. We are constantly reminded to either reduce or make do without a service to save energy…

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The Advantages of Room by Room Window Décor

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Dress the Windows of Various Rooms Differently. Boredom is a terrible thing! The inertia that makes us incapable of performing tasks with any measure interest, much less perform it well, is mortifying, to say the least. Although boredom is universal, researchers haven’t defined it well enough to give it shape. Psychologist John Eastwood, Ph.D., of York University in Toronto, his…

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CONSIDER YOUR WINDOWS BEFORE DECIDING. Living in Whitehorse, Yukon, has exceeded all our expectations in many ways – this city is beautiful, offering natural, scenic splendor in an abundance that only Canada can; rivers and rapids, snow-capped mountains, green forests with abounding wildlife – Yukon is home to the black bear, has a large population of moose, caribou, wolves, mountain…

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Certification, safety and efficiency of Blinds, Shades, Drapes & Shutters

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Standards setting organization is an organization whose role is to develop, coordinate and generate technical standards for items and services that have a wide base of consumers. In a dynamic environment, such as the one we are living in, these standards need to be constantly updated , amended and reissued as revisions. Standards are generally offered for voluntary adoption by…

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