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When to Choose Solar Shades Over Roller Shades

Choose Solar Shades Over Roller Shades

When it comes to decorating windows with the best shades and blinds, we always look for new trendy solutions. There is a variety of window treatments available in the window fashion market, and solar roller shades are one of them. The popularity of these window shades has grown massively in recent years because of their exceptional beauty and functionality. You…

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Bring Classic Designs and Lively Ambiance with Solar Blinds and Shades

Solar Blinds and Shades

Embrace Interior Trends with Solar Blinds and Shades Long and bright sunny days are just around the corner. A soft glowing natural light is always eye-soothing, but when it becomes excessive, you started feeling uncomfortable and annoyed. Choose solar blinds and shades that will definitely keep you protected and comfy from the harshness of direct daylight while giving your indoor…

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Economical Window Shading for Renters in Canada

Roller-Shades-Canada -

Economical Shading for Renters Rental Window Woes With real estate flying through the roof, that dream home is fast becoming less attractive. With the market in a constant flux, there are four important reasons why a lot of Canadians prefer to rent homes instead of buying them: Renting a home is generally cheaper –   Renting a house or apartment…

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Blackout Roller Shades Canada

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: THE CATCH WORD. In today’s modern world the word ‘energy efficiency’ stands out boldly. The earth-friendly lot see it as the red light on top of an ambulance with its incessant whirring. The more energy efficient a product, the happier the user. We are constantly reminded to either reduce or make do without a service to save energy…

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Don’t Overlook Energy Efficiency in a Fast growing City

Dual-Shade-Canada -

Use Energy Efficient Window dressings. Well, Surrey is the talk of Canada. Not too long ago, it was known as ‘Seedy Surrey’ – it was gang shootouts and car thefts all the way! Today, Surrey has a new image! One of the largest developments in British Columbia, it is also one of the youngest and most ethnically diverse cities in…

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INTRODUCTION TO BLACKOUT SHADES   Times have changed. The digital age has made the world a global village. The world does not rest. Cities don’t sleep. Many people across the world work in shifts to cater the demands of the industry in different time zones. In this process, a sound and peaceful sleep has become a luxury. Lack of sleep…

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Ultrasonic Cutting Heads makes Roller Solar Shades last long

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The Devil is in the details. Secure your Window Shades investment.   “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important”, said the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you trust the intelligence of the man who gave crime fiction a new dimension, you need to pay attention to little things that matter…

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Cordless Roller Solar Shades – A worthwhile investment

Sliding Panel Shades

Improve the Air Quality of your Home with Cordless Roller Solar Shades   Still caught in the throes of winter, all at home have had the sniffles and the sneezes that have us with beanies on our heads, mufflers around our throats, warm socks and mittens adorning our hands and feet, in addition to wearing warm woolly sweaters and pullovers.…

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Eco Friendly Window Fashions The Solar Shades

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The Importance of Eco Friendly Window Dressings. Our planet is changing, and unfortunately not for the better. Isn’t it a shame, which we, the most civilized species on this planet, are responsible for its slow deterioration and destruction? Apart from slowly killing our beautiful planet, we are harming ourselves along with our loved ones by installing home furnishings manufactured with…

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