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How to Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds

How To Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds

A major part of furnishing your home involves dressing up the windows and doors with elegant and stylish window coverings. Apart from making the indoor space more habitable, comfortable, and pleasant, the window coverings also enhance the visual appeal of the home décor. They accentuate the windows both aesthetically and functionally by improving their look and the R-value. The glass…

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How to Fix a Broken String on Honeycomb Blinds


What is a Cellular Honeycomb Shade? Cellular Honeycomb Blind is a familiar name in the world of window coverings. They have earned quite a reputation as the best insulating window treatment in the market. These shades are designed of cells and thee cells create a honeycomb structure which helps to trap air. This trapped air creates a buffer layer between…

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