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Factors to Consider When Installing Window Treatment for Homes

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  When Little Changes Make a Huge Difference   “It’s like Forrest Gump said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’ Your career is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the person you are today. That’s…

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Personal Reinvention – A Much-Needed Respite

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Blocking the Sun’s Reflected Heat and Glare All loss is wrenching, part sorrow, part anger, twisting one’s gut, leaving those going through trauma basket cases. Almost everyone I know who’s been through the trials and tribulations of dealing with an alcoholic spouse, one who’s given to unreasonable fits of rage, is prone to panic attacks. A panic attack is defined…

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The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality. Moving to Canada. Having lived in Singapore most of her adult life, my sister found her recent move to Canada a very difficult venture. Don’t rightly know why she’d decided to move back, but here she is, and not happy at all. Always the neatnik in the family, she referred to her husband…

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Enjoy the Winter Wonderland with Custom Window Treatments

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Winter brings the bone-chilling cold, the soggy snow, higher heating bills, the icy roads, and that ever present frost on the windshields. Don’t be down! Let help you find the joys of the winter wonderland. Though we can’t change the weather or the road conditions, we can help you with those higher heating bills. Zebrablinds has winter window treatments…

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