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10 Common Errors to Avoid When Buying Window Treatments

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Keep in mind nothing is free! “From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.” – Publilius Syrus When it comes to common mistakes when buying window treatments, you can always learn from the errors of others or do some research on internet. There is no need to make a mistake and live with it for years. Believe…

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The Multipurpose Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades

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The ideal room divider. Hope is being able to see that there is darkness despite all of the light streaming through your windows. Blackout cellular shades have made this possible to give you well deserved comfort when you sleep. Just close tight your blackout cellular shades, and lo and behold, welcome darkness for good night’s sleep or for forty winks.…

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Avoid frightful Headaches with Blackout Cellular Shades

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Blackout Cellular Shades a remedy for a migraine and SAD Those who are prone to headaches know all too well the awful feeling of walking into a brightly lit room the morning after having tossed and turned all night – that instant nausea coupled with the dreadful and insistent hammering behind the eyes! Nothing gives relief at that point –…

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Buy Window coverings online from Canada & save on hidden charges

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Save on PST, import tax, clearing charges & custom brokerage fees. The largest sale in the US is already over and, as usual, we on the Canadian side were left out to dry. While our U.S counterparts were enjoying the massive savings from special sales such as Black Friday and Boxing day, we were left with the mediocre, overpriced goods…

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When winter comes, Insulate your home with cellular window shades

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Insulating cellular window shades for Canada Snow storms, just when we were savoring the colorful transition of fall brings to mind that idiomatic observation of Percy B Shelly. The least expected, the sudden dip in temperature to mid-winter levels has focused attention to insulating the home against every eventuality, including the not-so-rare-these-days dreaded power grid failure. So what can we…

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Keep Warm and Toasty this Winter with Window Coverings

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In the thick of the winter season, it’s important to keep ourselves warm. Canada is an unforgiving place this season, with temperatures plummeting into the negatives with abandon. We all need to keep warm, and we usually do it by raising the temperatures on our thermostats. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost… and we mean that literally! Every winter, heating…

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Countdown the Year with ZebraBlinds! Window Treatments

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December is the perfect time to celebrate the holidays and everything that comes with it. The food, the new years celebrations, the laughter, the Christmas tree, the family, and everything else. When you celebrate with ZebraBlinds, you’re sure to have a great time! Come countdown the year with us on the ZebraBlinds calendar! The month of December is a magical…

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Enjoy the Winter Wonderland with Custom Window Treatments

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Winter brings the bone-chilling cold, the soggy snow, higher heating bills, the icy roads, and that ever present frost on the windshields. Don’t be down! Let help you find the joys of the winter wonderland. Though we can’t change the weather or the road conditions, we can help you with those higher heating bills. Zebrablinds has winter window treatments…

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