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Ruckus on a Rainy Day

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  Every once in a while, a Sunday “Fun” Day isn’t that. The sun is not shining, the birds are not chirping, and it’s pouring cats and dogs like there is no tomorrow. While we need the rain to survive, it sure does interfere with our plans sometimes! Working around it isn’t hard though- we stay in the home for…

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Cleaning up After Sunday Fun- It’s Got to be Done!

We love to have fun with our families. We cook together, and we eat together. When we garden together, we grow together. But… what about when the fun is over? What’s left? THE MESS! Oh yes, the mess. We forget about the consequences when we have fun in the heat of the moment- whether it’s splashing each other with mud…

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Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning of Window Treatments

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Cleaning your window treatments may look a bit confusing and difficult, especially if they are pleated shades or made with fabrics. We at Zebra Blinds recommend a through vacuuming or dusting every other week to maintain a general cleaning. For the special occasions of Spring Cleaning or even you monthly wipe downs here are a few things to do: For…

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