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How To Make A DIY Pleated Balloon Valance At Home?

How To Make A DIY Pleated Balloon Valance At Home

It’s possible to save a lot of money by making your own balloon valance. Making your own handmade window accent is also a satisfying DIY project. Balloon Valances can be used alone or in combination with curtains, blinds or shades. It will be a special touch to a room with inverted pleats and puffy festoons. When it comes to decorating…

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Explore Huge Window Dressing Collection on Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Sale on Window Treatments

Cyber Monday Sale on Window Treatments The sale is on! Grab the best custom window coverings online at the lowest prices by getting the best discounts at ZebraBlinds. Winter is on its way and it is the time to prepare ourselves for all that it brings. Especially in Canada, while Winter is recognized as the favorite season of many people, we need to prepare our homes…

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Triangular, Circular, Half-Moon, Semi-Circle – Window Blinds for All Shapes and Sizes

Custom Window Treatment

Custom Window Treatment Solutions To Fulfill All Your Needs   Change is a part of life, whether it is related to your lifestyle, your eating habits, your apparel collection, your footwear, or your home. One trend which has become a hot topic in this modern era is home redesigning. With the rapidly changing times, homes are also getting a new and…

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Size Doesn’t Matter – Perfect Window Coverings Customized to Any Size and Shape

Customizable Window Covering Ideas

Customizable Window Covering Ideas Under Your Budget   Redesigning your windows is one of the simplest and most cost-friendly ways to make the ambiance and look of your home soothing and serene. Windows act as a bridge between the comfort of the indoors and the wilderness of the outdoors. Covering them with elegant designs and subtle colors will transform them into an important part of your beautiful home…

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Custom Window Coverings for Your Rental House to Feel Like Home

Make Your Rental House More Lively with Custom Window Coverings   How to turn your boring rental house into a lively home: Many property owners put strict rules when it comes to decorating or making any changes to the interior of their rental property. Just because you didn’t purchase your apartment or house, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home. Sure,…

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Window Coverings Online

Top 5 Reasons to Order Window Blinds Online in Canada

Window Blinds Online Canada

Top 5 Reasons to Order Window Blinds Online If you’re looking for cheap custom-made window blinds in Canada, there are bricks-and-mortar liquidation stores, discount stores, and home renovation stores offering blinds and other window treatments. Just because a store offers window treatments, though, it doesn’t mean they’re the best solution for your home. Many smart shoppers in Canada know that…

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A Window treatments is work-in-progress

Blackout-cellular-Canada -

Getting it right is not rocket science. Is it possible for anyone to get their window treatment perfect at the first attempt? Attaining perfection at the first attempt is possible though highly improbable because window dressing projects involve numerous variables and is dependent upon various disciplines each of which is an area of specialty by itself. Window dressing ideas stem…

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Save with insulating window treatments

Drapery-Canada -

Insulating window treatments   In this era of sustainability, reducing energy consumption has become a priority for all property owners. While concerning the energy consumption and saving money; insulating window coverings play a crucial role in this. They are designed in such way that protects your indoor from outdoor heat and cold. When coverings insulate outdoor cold & heat; in…

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